Sourcing “Hard-To-Find” Candidates???

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Unique Ideas: A Day Old Cupcake????

Marketing Ideas for Adding to Your Talent Pipeline

Looking for new ideas to find those “hard to find” candidates?

Creating pipelines of passive candidates helps businesses be prepared for hiring fluctuations.

Creative Social Media people can make “Lemons out of Lemonade”; or, in this case, Website Traffic out of :

“A Day Old Cupcake”

Social Media Jobs Are In Demand

What does “A Social Media Job” mean to you? What does that entail ?

I believe in today’s world that is what these people in the video talk about when they talk about a “Candidate Sourcer”. A good “Candidate Sourcer” today is a “computer savvy” individual. They understand that most people are on the internet, either for work or pleasure. Young and old, highly educated and not that educated people can be found using the internet. Therefore , the internet is a great place to source customers, clients, job candidates and new connections, in general.

The people we are looking for are somewhere to be found;

and the internet comes into focus as one of the very first answers.

Social Media Skills, itself, however, narrows down to a point of just being really good at understanding the motivation-moving aspect of a CTA (Call-To-Action).

statistical analytics
Statistics and Analytics

This brings us into another way of thinking—

an analytical thought process.

Interpreting statistics and analytics is a skill that we usually think of as Mathematicians, Statisticians and Problem Solvers. Those skills are not always really strong in creative personalities or “people-personality” types of people.

As a recruiter for so long, who started out in studying Psychology and realized the direction it was taking me was into the analytical/statistical way of thinking, I moved more into Sociological studies. When I was in school, there was more interest in the personality and actions of individual people, versus whole crowds of people.

Today the emphasis is on the whole society and what we are all doing.

social media ads - brushing teeth

We can learn how many people were brushing their teeth at 6:30 this morning in Spokane Washington. There has been a shift in where we are using our analytical skills most. It is no surprise that Human Resources today is very focused on the analytical/statistical (or numbers side) versus the individual themselves.

That is why the combination of Human Resource with Artificial Intelligence can be used to streamline so many HR functions. However, we must never forget that the candidates are human beings, not robotic personalities. I believe the human is important in Human Resources and that fact must be used in an integrated manner with AI to keep humanity high priority in interactions. The discussion of Upskilling and Life Learning is very important to the human side of this equation. Happily, we are seeing this trend, as evidenced by the recent talk by Ms. Gherson’s from IBM’s last interview.

Social media job search

But then, where is your best place to show your job ads, your business attributes, and get connected with the audience you need? Age groups on different platforms vary, so are you looking for older, more experienced candidates or younger, “newbie type” employees.

Locations offer different interest and modalities too. Does your “Sourcer” understand email marketing, and is that the best approach for your company’s needs? There seems to be a lot of similarities with job requirements of a “Sourcer” and a Social Media Manager. As newspaper job advertisements begin to disappear, we see more and more businesses relying on Social Media to attract new candidates to open positions.

I have explained how Social Media encompasses so many different aspects of recruiting today, and the the multi-tasking needed to be a great Social Media Manager. Be sure to check out: (My blog interviewing a young girl that is a Social Media Manager for a large cosmetic firm.) Taking a Social Media campaign through all the steps necessary for any successful campaign (recruiting or marketing) requires multi-tasking and multi-thinking, plus a great understanding of statistics and what we can learn from our analytics.

This conversation is very interesting and my thought processes were taking me into the idea of the “Candidate Pipeline”. Especially with the need for specific talent in the Social Media industry, By having a pipeline of recent graduates and younger, skilled individuals, the pipeline can be very useful for years to come.

job search

Are you looking to find those future employees that might fit your needs now or in the future:

I would like to share this great link with you:

Recruiters are innovative people. Finding new ways of connecting come natural for many of us. We like working together to share ideas that will get things done. Recruiting in any size business can be challenging. Let’s discuss what works and doesn’t work. Each industry has it’s own specific marketing needs. Ideas such as some of the ones discussed in the video can be adapted. It is good to share ideas. That is how we grow in our lives and in our careers.

My Recruiting Membership is designed for sharing ideas for the new and innovative ways that we can perform our jobs in the best way possible. Careers don’t have to stay the same for a lifetime and we are seeing, first-hand, that many jobs are changing rapidly today. Don’t be intimidated by the changes. The work-world is changing and adaptation is part of this life we living today.

My background has been primarily as an independent recruiter for many years. I have also worked in mid to smaller recruiting agencies, working directly with the large hiring companies. My main contact was the Corporate Recruiter. A small , independent or mid-sized recruiting firm must wear all the hats and must be creative to get all of these jobs done in order to make a placement. Creativity is a necessary part for the success of finding and processing candidates. The goal remains the same for recruiters at any level.

Get Those Job Openings Filled!!!

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Connecting Job Recruiters with Talented Candidates is the plan.

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Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing.

Life is a journey not a destination.

Careers are part of the journey we are making through life.

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