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Connecting More Qualified Job Connections Fast !

Socially Responsible Businesses and

Job Seekers Seeking Positive Change

Great Connections make a difference in recruiting.

Networking is still “The King” when it comes to finding a great Job Connection.

When professionals work together to solve problems, solutions are found.

Recruiting is still a “People-To-People” business.

Join My Recruiting Website and create the connections you need in your recruiting endeavors. Bring the right people to your door with connections that understand what your business is all about. Sharing is a great way to find those “right candidates” faster and with less stress.

Let us help you with your online, job-branding, advertising needs; including video advertising, mock-ups, e-books, on-line meetings, blogs and more. We can even provide your own advertising page on this website, which is fully search engine optimized.

Job Seekers Seeking Positive Change

This is a membership website to connect large companies offering multiple job opening opportunities nationally or globally, to connect with small or independent recruiting businesses. The goal is to offer the smaller, established agencies/recruiting companies the opportunities to find candidates for these job openings. With these available recruiter connections, job openings could be filled quicker, through a wider variety of sources. The MRW membership connection solves the problem of reaching more qualified candidates quicker by having trusted, designated sources of candidates.

Finding job applicants and filling open jobs quicker, with qualified candidates, is the goal. There are many independent, knowledgeable recruiters, including smaller independent agencies that are available to help large organizations fill those difficult to fill jobs. If larger companies are unaware of such businesses, they will not have the opportunity to use these organizations.

The website also offers social media advertising like videos, mock-ups, and advertising apps to advertise open jobs for it’s members. The smaller, independent recruiters can have their own advertising page to promote their additional services and special events. There is a job board for job postings available for the Members’ open job positions, guest-blogging opportunities, and possibly add Zoom presentations/meet-up/or trainings.

For the Multiple Job/Multiple Location Companies that are socially conscious and working toward sustainability of our planet, MRW can offer Blogs related to the company or the jobs available. The website will offer social media advertising, and an opportunity to have more help filling their job openings, through connecting with the MRW-Members. For simple accessibility reasons, MRW will maintain the Larger Company Numbers at about 6-9 companies. – And the recruiters to about 10-20 members. The larger organizations companies will design the appropriate required qualifications of the members, as far as, how many years in recruiting, types of specialties, etc.

There would be a minimal fee for the membership – Example: Monthly Charge for smaller agencies – $XX.00 a month – with an upsale of $XX.00 . That would include advertising, such as videos, mock ups, and 1-2 job postings, etc.
Large Company Example Membership Fee: $XXX.00 a month for the job Membership, which would include two Blogs about their business or particular job opening per month, 2 current job postings and advertising materials (example 4 videos a year/mock-ups for blogs, jobs, holidays, etc.) Also Phone App ads are available.

Companies work direct with the Recruiter Members – The fee is structured by the Company involved, for the smaller agency membership to recruit for the hard-to-fill jobs. Recruiters can present their candidates. The larger companies could also help with vetted, un-hired candidates by adding them to the candidate pool for the other Members to use. This gives an opportunity to effectively circulate more candidate choices throughout the group.

Training For Students to Learn How To Create Social Media Advertising Graphics and Videos.

My ultimate plan is to offer opportunities for Special Needs young adults that are very computer oriented to learn how to create social media graphics, videos and advertising. My Recruiting Website will offer learning opportunities on how to make the videos and graphic advertising in order for these students to have skills they can use throughout their employment years.

I have collected the necessary social media training, programs, etc. to provide these services. With training on these programs, the students could be the ones creating the social media. Financial rewards paid when a placement is made from the placement fee through a small percentage charge upon a hire through the membership.

This is my idea for a business.
I hope you like it.


Debbie Foster – (928) 978-5743

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