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Banner Ad-Membership Program

  • Are you finding it hard to connect with the job candidates you need?
  • Is your job posting in box full of candidates that don’t fit the job?
  • Is your website or social media presence not bringing the customers you want?
  • Are you afraid that your customers may become frustrated because filling some jobs seem to take a long time?
  • Do you have great candidates available but no place to promote them?
  • Do you feel your marketing and advertising methods are becoming outdated?

is designed to help Recruiters connect with the Job Seekers they need.  Visibility is the key to success in the recruiting business.  Letting hiring companies and job seekers know that your main purpose  is to connect them, is our Banner Advertisers Membership Program’s


My Recruiting is fully Search Engine Optimized, integrated with social media options and offers you a unique approach to connecting with those companies and individuals you are looking to find.  With current, informative blogs posted steadily, our visitor traffic and membership will help all of us find the connections that we all need.  From job applicants to hiring companies, it’s all about connecting in a unique, personal way .  Let the companies know who you are, and how to contact to you.  As a member of our Banner Advertisers Program, your personal page offers you the opportunity to showcase your company in a very memorable, individualized manner.

Sign Up  and receive our special offers only for our Membership participants.  The goal of is to offer high quality, effective marketing ideas that are affordable enough for even the small, independent recruiting companies.

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My Recruiting Website
My Recruiting Website: Finding Today’s Solutions Together

HIPP Professional Search, LLC HIPP Professional Search, LLC (est 2005)

Iris Ethington, Founder

“What a wonderful website Debbie Foster has put together.   I am thrilled to be a part of her efforts.    I have witnessed her develop this site and its completion is amazing.  She has shown such dedication to its purpose.    I am impressed with the banner she created for me on the website.   It parallels my website as well.   I am excited for Debbie and am glad to be a part of its creation.  Debbie is constantly researching and evaluating new opportunities to add to the effectiveness of the website.”  

Kathleen Ater Personnel Service:

Kathy Ater-CEO

“I have found the membership is an exciting new venture brought together by Debbie Foster.  Debbie is always thinking outside of the traditional staffing box and has created a dynamic new way for us to market and to connect!  Houston is such an active and vibrant market none of us independent consultants have time to do anything but recruit and work, work, and work more!  Thanks Debbie for thinking of such a great new idea.”

Dianne McGreevy


Lyndian Personnel Service“I am happy to be a part of the website.  It offers me the opportunity to have an internet presence, without the need for creating my own website.  It is a great new idea for advertising my staffing agency.  I am happy to have a personalized page dedicated to advertising my service to job seekers and companies that need to connect with my staffing agency.  Debbie has so many new ideas to make the website a very current, informative site for all of us in employment related businesses for Houston, Texas.  Debbie has put serious thought and effort into giving my recruiting company a very affordable option to connect to the people that need my service and it is fun to see the new ideas she is always discovering.”
Just Good WaterI have seen the transformation of this website by Debbie Foster.  With her expertise in the field of employment, Debbie understands that “the people”, are still the most valuable asset to any recruiting effort.  She took the areas of her recruiting knowledge and combined them with the needs of the businesses in one good looking, helpful site for her member recruiting companies.  I love the articles, she added interesting videos, so much information focused on bringing people and opportunity together.  
 I see the writing on the wall with this one!   Great work Debbie!
 I want to be your best friend all the way to the bank.

“With Appreciation

Lorri Pfundheller

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