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My Recruiting Website

My recruiting website

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The goal of this website is to give Job Seekers & the Recruiters that need them the opportunity to connect in an environment offering solutions to their job search needs.  Using an organic search, SEO strategy, both recruiters and job seekers can find information to help them navigate our new job search strategies.

The MRW Website

is completely SEO Friendly for Search Engines.  Keywords:  Find A Job, Find A Recruiter, Get a job.   Word Press Website.  The website also uses Yoast SEO Plugin, Automated Social Media Connections by Web Dimensions, One-Soci, and other Automated Marketing programs.  Customized Chatbots are also available for website members.

(Revised:  2022  – For more information, just ask.)

Job Seekers:  (See Blog & Job Seeker Calendar)

  • “Find A Job” Blogs with helpful information regarding the job market, ideas for success, and ways to move into the career opportunities you seek.

    I got the job smile
    I got the job smile.
  • Job Seeker Training and Information Sources: Webinars and training from current job seeker or career planning sources.  Offer a calendar of upcoming training available regarding resumes, cover and thank you letters, interviewing, social media, career planning, relocation, specific career choices, etc. help.

Recruiting Companies: (See Recruiter Pages and Recruiter Calendar)

  • Reasonably priced advertising and branding services to add to the find a recruiter finda jobrecruiter’s visibility through SEO and other methods.  Job Seekers can “Find Recruiters” by location and by types of jobs through the website.
  • Informational training and webinars regarding services offered to help recruiters advertise job openings, solicit new job opportunities, use virtual interviewing techniques, do reference checking, recruiter networking, administrative functions (i.e.ATS), social media success, and more.  Monthly email notifications to MRW members of specific companies and organizations offering webinars, services  and training for recruiters.
  • Offer a member community to give the recruiters an opportunity, as a group, to work together to ensure affordability of new programs.
  • Add a podcast or radio program to bring recruiters together with job seekers to provide the most current helpful information available for job seekers in various industries and locations.  Work with online career fair services, to offer career fairs through our membership.

Prescreened Applicants: (See Prescreened Applicant Page)

The Prescreened Applicant Information Page –  Provided to Member Recruiter After Requested From Original Member Posting Agent.

Password Protected:   MRWcandidate

  • Provide an opportunity for recruiters to show available candidates that have been interviewed and pre-screened, but the recruiter is job interview successunable to help, due to location, salary, industry or other variable.    This gives the recruiter an opportunity to connect with potential new clients that can use these types of individuals and increase their own visibility.  The prescreened candidates are offered an opportunity to be promoted to companies or other recruiters that may be able to use them. This is also a great opportunity for those recruiters that are more “applicant inclined” to provide a better service to the applicants they are serving and have more successful placements.
  • Member recruiters are welcome to work together on jobs, if they are interested.  When two recruiters work together, it is up to each of them to decide their split, guarantee, etc. is not involved with, responsible for or a decision maker in any business transaction between member recruiters.
  • As a long-time recruiter, myself, I would offer these pre-screened candidates at an extremely reduced fee in order to give companies an opportunity to connect with candidates.  My own “contingency fee-lite” would only offer criminal background check and initial introduction. There would be no guarantees, since the service provided is strictly the introduction.  Offering Pre-screened Applicants  provides an excellent advertising opportunity for the recruiting member.
  • All information posted through this membership site is posted on the social media networks.
  • You can see a sample of how this process would be done, by going to the Password Protected Page and viewing the explanation of how the software will perform.   (Please let me know if you have questions) offers opportunities for job seekers, member recruiters, and the services that can help them.  Providing information that brings the job seeker and those that need them in the most current, effective and efficient way, is what this website is here to provide.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest

by helping others to succeed.”

Napoleon Hill

Thanks for reading.

Debbie Foster

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