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Work From Home Job Options .  Watch for our new Category on this website:  Work From Home/Remote Jobs in our Category List.

Working from home never occurred to many people.

The Word for 2022 is now Adaptation.



Time helps us move into new ideas.  Adaptation begins to work within our minds and our hearts.  As we learn to recognize what brings us joy, adds happiness to our life, and makes us feel good, our thoughts begin to work together to find new directions.

When our ingenuity mixes with our passions and how we can use our own skills, knowledge, interest and passions to live the best life for ourselves, we might find that our desires become more of a “service-to-others” oriented existence.  The work-world has been very dominated with our outside success for most of our lifetimes.  Looking inside to find what are the answers for our lives, might bring totally new results.

Listening to our hearts can lead us into discovering new ways of working that we had not thought were possible before.

Change has come to the world. keyword

How we act in our daily functions has been disrupted.  Now What?  We have come to a crossroads for much of our old way of thinking.  We cannot depend upon what we did in the past, as we are moving rapidly to a new future.

Keep your mind and eyes open.  I have been told that there are no coincidences.

Stay Alert!    You never know where your next direction may lead you.  We are leaving our old perceptions behind and creating new opportunities in this time of change.

She answers many valuable questions for you about remote work and job opportunities.

As the changes keep happening, we need to stay informed.   Jobs, themselves, are adapting to our new culture.

Business is being done differently.  Remote work is being considered by organizations and businesses that had never considered remote employees.

Many industries are searching for new ways to continue their businesses. Work from home was discussed before the pandemic, but today “work from home” is part of the new hiring options. 

Facing these issues we have today, is hurting many talented people with knowledge and skills to share.

2022 What Next?   

Work from home jobs or remote employment is certainly part of the future. 

I have been taught that setting up multiple income streams is the best way to proceed for the future.  The days of working for one company for the rest of your life is rare.  The new philosophy of life seems to be changing, as well. 

Find Out what works best for you, your talents, abilities and passions in life.   If you listen to your heart, you will find the right direction.  


Our minds have been trained to think in particular ways.  Many of these ways have been altered, forever.  Now we need to create the new ideas that we would like to have in our lives.   Change can be good, especially when it is badly needed.   

Stay positive and let me know what you guys would like to know to help with your job connections.  Working together we can solve difficult problems.

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Creating The Path Togetherkeyword

D Foster and friends

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.  

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