What is The Truth About Fracking?

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The Truth About Fracking -How Do We Find The Answer?

Oil and Gas – The Truth?

the truth about fracking
Learning the Truth About Fracking

Sharing this video means a lot to me. When I began to wake up to how the world works, I was working primarily with the oil and gas industry. In 2011, I watched the 2010 film by Josh Fox regarding fracking. The documentary affected me very deeply because I had been working with this industry for a very long time, and many of the newer open jobs were regarding fracking.

Watching the video, with my new conscious awareness, was extremely disturbing and specifically very disruptive to my career choice.

Recently, I ran across the following film. I am learning everyday to be more and more suspect of what I hear or read. The video certainly gave my eyes an entirely different perspective from my original impression. I know the video is long, but for those of us that are learning to be more conscious about what we are seeing happening around us; it should be interesting. If nothing else, you might enjoy learning just to what extent we need to question everything we see and hear.

Research and Discernment are the the Buzz Words for these days of confusion.

Our Discernment Becomes A Personal Responsibility When We Learn So Much Of What We Hear…

May Be Untrue!

and these days- that is a real probability!

A valid question to ask ourselves –

How Can They Get Away With Lies Like These?

It was easy for me to believe that fracking was causing damage to these people’s lives and property. I grew up in Oil and Gas territory. We have seen many oil spills, shorelines covered with oil, while the area wildlife are trying to survive the devastation caused by area leaks, spills and pipeline issues.

oil rig  oil and gas
Oil rig

Fracknation-The Video:

The Truth About Fracking Was A Shocking Video

Watching the video above, really surprised me after having seen, and believed,

the Josh Fox video premiered 2010. (2010 was also the year of the BP oil spill.)

It was a shock to learn these people in the Fracknation video actually wanted the fracking business around their homes; plus that there was no damage done to their water, land, or animals, as we were told in the previous movie documentary.

The more I investigate the Oil and Gas industry in the U.S. and other countries, I become proud to learn that the U.S. is the country that operates the industry’s cleanest oil and gas businesses in the world. That is to say at least our country is working toward “net zero by the year 2050”. I look forward to doing a little research on the description of what that really means. I believe other oil producing countries/companies are also saying the same thing. The truth about fracking may be difficult to discover, as much information seems to be distorted these days.

change to a sustainable economy for the US
Change is Not Always Easy

I have come to understand that it will take all of us time to change.

We cannot change overnight – unless we have

Free Energy show up very soon.

But, even if free energy showed up tomorrow; we have those Beautiful On and Off-road vehicles, Planes, Homes, Boats and Cars that are designed for oil and gas input. To rid ourselves of oil and gas overnight would be very difficult, even after we get free energy.

Oil and gas runs our lives now - we should learn the truth about fracking and how oil and gas can be more sustainable
Our Vehicles to Heating our Homes Currently Require Oil and Gas products.

I have been called a “poof person” in my life; I have also been told that I need to “stop and think”.

The reason I say this is because in today’s world we must take time to research what is told to us by others, including our news outlets, educators, politicians, those we have trusted for many years, and expensive, award-winning documentaries.

Investigation is an important part of our decision making; and trusted personal discernment comes from information and knowledge.

what is the truth about fracking
How Do We Learn The Truth About Fracking

The continuation of controversy over what fracking does to the health of our planet and those living on it continues in 2021 and 2022. Most of us remember that President Trump was successful in creating an oil and gas industry that was very profitable for the United States, during his presidency. (2017-2021.)

Josh Fox released his second video, Gasland 2, in 2013.

If you remember, over the past few years, we have experienced earthquakes in some locations where there is current fracking being done.

We, the public, are still unaware of the truth about fracking.

What are these chemicals these oil and gas businesses are using?

Are they causing earthquakes?

What is the REAL DAMAGE being done to our people and our planet?

Where do we find out the Truth About Fracking?

It is up to us to do the investigations that interest us-The Truth About Fracking is interesting and it will probably remain controversial. There seems to be two sides of every coin. The final decision is ours, with proper discernment.

The truth about fracking still remains a question in my mind.

truth about fracking
Our Level of Discernment is based on our Level of Truthful Information We Receive and Choose To Believe!

I need further investigation before I can feel confident in what I know about Oil and Gas improvements upon their projects. From what I have seen of the air quality around most countries that produce oil and gas products, we are the cleanest country. However, there is still a long way to go to stop hurting our planet that we all depend upon for life.

America’s Economic Well-Being is dependent upon us producing our own economy, which is important. Cleaner more Efficient Production in a responsible way; with an eye toward better alternatives, including Tesla’s Free Energy plans. I hope they will be seen soon.

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing. I believe when we all begin to understand that we can:

Be The Change We Want To See

We Will Find A Path That Will Move The Planet Into Safety and Our Lives Into The Abundance our God has Planned For Life on This Planet Together.

dog_bone_treat - Discord Emoji

I have also been told that I am like “A Dog With A Bone”

when I want to learn something.

UPDATE: Excellent DOCUMENTARY. !! Really Interesting!!!

Shale Cowboys: Fracking under Trump


Oil and Gas Fracking
The truth about Fracking –

How does fracking work? – by Mia Nacamulli

She presented this through TedEd.

Check out our article: Sustainability-worley-parsons-intecsea

Thank you.
Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing
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