Transparency & Truth: Creating Changes in Our World!

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transparancy and truth

Transparency & Truth will bring change. Since transparency can create some real surprises, we might find there are real changes ahead. Truth has a way of affecting our perceptions. Our perceptions create our measure of trust in what we are experiencing.


The move to transparency is not easy in a world that has been directed by deception and illusions.

We are faced with making a choice.

What Do We Believe In?

A choice to believe in what has been presented to us in the past as true; and, or the Truth that we acquire through Transparency.

Transparency Truth arguements

Unfortunately, it is creating a divide between us.

We see this divide between peoples of the world and even in our family units.

What do we believe is true?

Who do we believe is telling us the truth?

Why do we believe what we do?

It is a time when each of us, as individuals, must make our own decisions about what we are hearing and seeing around us.

This is called Discernment and it comes from within us.

Definition of Discernment by Merriam Webster:


nounSave Word

Definition of discernment

1: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscureskill in discerning2: an act of perceiving or discerning something

Understanding Transparency and Truth

Do We Want To Hear Real Truths?

There are obstacles for some of us to cross when we decide to listen to other opinions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and rationalization for behavior. These obstacles can be because of where we are getting our information, why we trust the information presented, and even our own egos can interfere with our listening. Our circle of trust has been built over the years, and our ego does not want that shaken. It becomes difficult sometimes to break a cycle of beliefs, especially when it is those close to us or the powers that we have trusted throughout our lifetime. This is the truth of what we are facing when we are ready to accept transparency and truth in the world around us.

Even learning the truth about ourselves can become difficult to face, when we accept transparency as truth. I always loved the word rationalization, because human beings can find a rationalization for most of their behaviors, if they feel the need to justify their actions.

The World Is Changing – Let’s Create The New World With Love – Not Fear!

For some of us, we have been experiencing an Awakening. Trying to explain ourselves is difficult. At this particular point in time, The Awakening is something that must be experienced to understand. As we move through this time period, everything around us becomes more transparent. We see Truth, We hear Truth, and either we begin to accept that the world needs to change, or we don’t. Deception has been at work for many years, in many capabilities; and unfortunately, through many trusted resources.

It Is Through TransparencyThat Change is Happening,

Like it-or Not.

When I was seeking the definition of Discernment, I came across the following information.

Transparency is the catalyst for many of us beginning to understand

the Spiritual Side of Discernment.

transparency awakens us awareness - consciousness
Truth and Transparency – The Path To Spiritual Discernment

What is Spiritual Discernment? It Signs and Power Explained.

This article may not be for everyone, but it certainly hit home for me. I feel it is an excellent time to share with others who have been experiencing uprooting changes in their lives.

For many of us, we are learning of problems in our world that were there all along. All of us have become accustomed to the world as we have known it. However, the world as we have known it, has been hiding deeper, darker truths. No matter our history, how long we have been on this planet, how educated or smart we are, there are truths that are coming out today that show us the Good vs. Evil that has been happening for a long, long time period. We can’t close those curtains again, once we open them.

the world behind the curtain

Now We Know – What Next?

This is when we have a chance to make our lives fit into our discernment. When we recognize what we are doing to create this world, stop judging others, and move forward with goals based upon our own spirituality, not negative influencers; we hear the voice from inside.

We all have a purpose here at this time. Your answers are held inside. Your Goodness and Skills are needed today. We see many lost souls, afraid, alone and in need. The changes offer us a time to live and act as our heart tells us. Looking within for the wisdom to know what that is…. has come.

This is a time of The Awakening of Humanity.

wake up America - changes are happening - truth is happening and transparency is becoming important to those that begin to question - time to wake up - welcome to The Great Awakening

Discover what your next move should be. Look inside. Open your heart. Remove Fear, and Let Your Heart Say Yes- Find Your Answers Inside

As we begin to understand that we are experiencing an Awakening of Our Spiritual Connection to Our Creator, Truth is Much Easier To Find.

Thank you for reading and Thank You For Sharing.

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new career plan - you can change your life for the better - your discernment matters
New Career Opportunities Are Created Through Change

Change Is Good – Expect the Best!

Please Share if You Agree.

We Can Be The Change We Want To See!

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