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Sustainable Economic Security Changes are happening today

Every Country, State, Community, Business & Personal Economic situation is being affected by this change.

What happens to economic sustainability when the changes in our daily-living circumstances are severely disrupted?

We see unstable economics in the world all around us. It appears that almost all aspects of humanity’s usual life circumstances are being affected in some fashion.

sustainable economic situation is in a chaotic state
Montani – from Pixabay

Chaos Can Be The Direction That Economic Instability Brings

A Truism: Eventually, even Chaos finds a rhythm.

That does not make the “time of chaos” less difficult.

However, Chaos does offer us a time to move in new directions that offer new, hopefully better, opportunities or options.

I have been thinking about the economic security of the United States as a country, from a recruiting, career consultant’s point of view. Recruiting is a business of matching. Without job opportunities available, there is no match: and no happy, economically secure, outcome for all parties involved. And, of course, without job candidates with a desire for a job in a particular field or specialty; along with with a particular expertise or skill, the connection will not take place. I have been learning of possible outcomes from what we are experiencing through this unusual time period. I am hearing about “the power of three”. I looked up the meaning of numerology and found this interesting information. Significance of the #3

green world

On a personal note, I would love to see the businesses that affect our world in such harmful ways just immediately stop doing the damage they are doing to our lovely planet.


I have realized that we, as human beings, have become accustomed to the lifestyles, products, and sources of life, that does depend upon these businesses that we use every day. Humanity must be gradually weaned away from some of these products, and this will probably take some time. As we slowly adapt to new ways of experiencing our lives, with intention of something more life-affirming for all of us, we will discover new, better, and less destructive alternatives for our economic success.

As a person living in the Great united States for America, I grew up in oil country. Many people living in the state of Texas have lived and been employed by this industry all of their lives. Depending upon where you live, there are other industries that are prevalent for most workers in that area.

sustainabile economic changes
Working from home and remote work – great options for many people today.

New, Innovative Ideas can be found all around us today. Our recent past is helping us discover new options regarding work, living and daily habits. The truth is, our tendency to become comfortable in our old habits, has been shaken a bit. The past couple of years, alone, have shown us that becoming too comfortable sometimes can be life-altering when change comes into the picture.

Remote Employment Has Opened Many People’s Thoughts About What A Job Really Means.

Some people never thought about remote or work-from-home jobs.

Every aspect of our lives has been affected by our dependence upon computers, cell phones, and internet connections. Sustainable economic security without considering the future is not creating a sustainable economic life for future generations.

Change is here.

It is up to us to create a sustainable economic secure life for ourselves. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the old ideas, they are in a state of change. Use your creative ideas to thrive. Find your own answers and follow your dreams.

This is how Chaos finds a comfortable rhythm.

sustaInable economic security and remote work work well together
making sustainable economic changes helps individuals and the public

It is not only remote, work-from-home jobs but many different “making living ideas” that are becoming more visible. More people are creating what they love to do and finding ways of selling their crafts, talents, and even teaching what they have to share with others.

You Might Find This Information Helpful –

Especially If You Are An Employer or an Employee today.

Discussions of Reskilling, Upskilling, and Lifelong Learning

Our economic security is being looked at differently in many ways. That is good for our economy, our positive outlook for society, and the potential for a new, innovative world of people helping each other create a world we would love to experience, by working together.

As we move ahead in new directions, economic security for all people is an important aspect of consideration. Being dependent upon aspects of our society that are changing rapidly is risky business. Preparation and increasing our knowledge help us to make adjustments in our lives that will add to our economic sustainability, both on a personal level and on a mass scale.

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