Jobs That Work For Us

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Jobs that work for us? That is an interesting thought to ponder. What does it really mean? Are we talking about financial gains, heart-felt gains, self-gratification, sense of belonging, or is it the connection to our subconscious through our consciousness?

Our understanding of how our brains and heart work, give us new understandings of how we decide the directions to take in our work experiences. We are all different, with different abilities, different desires, and reactions to how we feel in different environments.

We now understand that the source of who we truly are is within our own consciousness.

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Who Am I Really?

Big question. We have been in a programmed environment. When we realize more about who we are, we can break free from our old habits by breaking old programs of fear, doubt and negative thoughts.

The Term Neuroplasticy

Definition of Neuroplasticity – MedicineNet › script › main › art

Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

Jobs That Work For Us?

Are we beginning to start to look at our lives differently? Our thinking about our jobs and what we are beginning to understand about our lives, can bring in those new ideas that are designed for our lives to create more within our own desires. What a wonderful way to see the future.

jobs that work for us
“The Right Job”- Inspires, Creates and Enhances Our Lives

Consider how many aspects of our lives can be changed with Dr. Lipton’s explaination of how our brains function. Habits are just programmed responses, and can be changed with conscious effort. Emotional feelings, such as fear, anger, depression can be changed through our own consciousness of how our subconscious works.

conscious mind and programming

Conscious Thinking Can Change Our World

How do we take this knowledge and use it in a way that will help us find the jobs that work for us? I suggest we begin by asking ourselves important questions about why we believe the things that we believe, do we have self-damaging thoughts and responses, or what are those things that truly do make us proud or happy enough to smile?

The past few years of Social Distancing, Teleworking, and Mask Wearing as part of our daily lives, have given us an entirely different perception of how our lives might be in the future.

What do we need to learn from these new experiences?

remote work
A Time For Changes In Our Thinking – Consciousness Changes Our Outcomes

Change is happening. Are we ready to adapt to these changes? We are seeing our workplaces impacted and our home life disrupted in ways that are not always in our control.

Maneuvering through these changes, with the understanding that the programs we have seen in place are changing before our eyes, and that these changes can be good for us. With a new clearer, more conscious mindset we see these changes not from a “victim mindset” but from a more creative spirit of new possibilities. Our old programs are opening up to a more innovative, consciously-directed approach to life. This can be very positive for our future, once we learn how to maneuver our own “mind control processes.”

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I hope this information will start you on your new journey. Our thoughts and our beliefs are the keys to new opportunities. Find the right ones for you. Thanks for sharing……………… Have a Great 2020!

Debbie Foster and Friends.

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