Diversity Hiring Practices Create Change

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Success Stories From New Hiring Policies – Diversity Hiring Wins!

Diversity hiring practices are changing the way hiring is done in this world of recruiting, which is also changing interviewing practices and skillset evaluations. Not only are we seeing more opportunities for remote employment, which gives new opportunities for many disabled workers, but many of our neurodivergent workers are having doors open for them that were previously closed.

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New Hiring Policies – Opening Doors

Skillsets come in all shapes and sizes and some very needed skillsets can sometimes be hidden in plain site, from those that are not looking a little closer. Some of our previously diagnosed candidates that offer available talents have been overlooked because of what has been interpreted as a disability. All too often, over the years, we didn’t look further to investigate the unseen. This has been true for many of us, in many aspects of our lives.

Welcome to this new world of change that we seem to be experiencing.

As our “old thoughts and expectations” including our “old ways of hiring interviewing, and candidate sourcing” give way to new ideas, we discover new possibilities. The adaptations may take us some time; but as we experience new connections in our thought patterns we find new solutions and answers to the problems we are experiencing. It is recognition of our thought-pattern connections that have never really appeared to our awareness that help us start connecting new dots.

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Solutions Take New, Innovative Actions

We live in very exciting times. Change is here and we are experiencing it in most areas of our lives.

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Diverse hiring practices

Diversity hiring practices is happening.

We are seeing companies embrace the differences we see in individuals today, by seeing the value one’s differences make in visions and abilities.

Sharing new ideas is helpful and The new ideas that I have recently read about are about successes of our diagnosed “neurodivergent friends” that have been overlooked for jobs for many, many years.

In the following article regarding IBM’s move toward hiring candidates with neurodivergent issues, we find how IBM is working with its hiring policies and its managers to adapt the organization to environments that create productivity within their teams.

The aim of IBM is to discover how the company can help new hires become successful within the organization.

According to the IBM Representative, Natalia Lyckowski:

“Companies like IBM are taking concrete steps to enable applicants to fully demonstrate their abilities during their candidacy.”

“The IBM neurodiversity initiative’s hiring program aims to fill skills gaps in the company’s workforce of about 250,000. “IBM hires for skill,” says Natalia Lyckowski, who is neurodivergent and is IBM’s global neurodiversity advancement leader and a business transformation analyst. “If, for example, a candidate chooses to disclose they need extended time on a test, they can request a success enabler to help them remove bias.”

“Supporting neurodivergent workers’ careers isn’t about neutralizing their differences, according to Lyckowski. “We’re not broken,” she says. “It’s a matter of looking at strengths and at the environment and asking ‘How can I help you succeed?’ not ‘What accommodation do you need?’”

“For example, some neurodivergent people are more productive and happier if they simply wear noise-canceling headphones in the office or work under dimmed lights. “We’re looking to create situations where particular neurodiverse people can flourish with their technical abilities,” says Brush. Splunk has found that some autistic people excel at the very complex analytical work required in cybersecurity, where millions of job openings go unfilled.

Brush finds that some neurodivergent people, having grown up in online communities, are more comfortable interacting with peers via social channels such as those in Microsoft Teams and Slack.”

Read More in the Article:

It’s Time To Hire and Grow Neurodiverse Talent,

Written by John Rossheim at WorkHuman.com

The new hiring trend of diversity hiring practices is a welcome site for many individuals with a diagnosis of neurodivergence. We have seen increases in this diagnosis for several years now.

As I was researching this article, I also found the following stories regarding IBM’s diversity hiring program and its Success.

Be sure to visit:

Hiring Program Opens More Doors To People With Autism

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As an individual that has worked with many different types of people regarding their next career move, I am so pleased to see that our businesses are taking notice of individuals that have talents to offer and gifts to share. The world is a beautiful place, especially when people find where they are respected, appreciated, and needed.

Diversity hiring practices are a good change for the better and I believe will benefit all of us in ways we may not even understand. There are many talented individuals in this world, and creativity is a large part of the changes we want to see today.

If you are considering a program for Hiring Neurodiverse candidates, be sure to check our friends at Spectroomz.com, a new helpful Questionnaire Option to find out effective ways to run a successful program for hiring neurodivergent individuals.

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Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing.

Learn more about diversity hiring practices.

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