Career Choices – What Can Skill Testing Teach Us?

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Many factors enter into our abilities to complete tasks. There has always been a debate of where our specific skills, talents, likes, dislikes, abilities and lack thereof, come from.

Omer Molad, Vervoe.Com, states:

Attitude is much more important than background. A “desire to learn” and a “passion for technology” are among the most sought after qualities in prospective interns.”

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Attitude? Career Choice?

Attitude and Motivation?

Attitude and Motivation seem important when we discuss career choices. The job seeker process has been concentrating on “what you can do for me as a company”. If I am going to pay you, I am more interested in you showing me what you have done in the past, and judging whether you can do the same job for me, hopefully even better.

Throughout the business growth we experienced during the industrial revolution, emphasis on the employee, his desires, his needs plus, the ingenuity & creative spirit of many employees was considered unimportant due to priorities of businesses.

In some jobs, the idea of “Thinking outside the box” and even approaching management with new ideas, was frowned upon and unwelcome.

When I entered the work force, women seemed to be offered only a few specific jobs in the workplace, “Teachers”, “Secretaries”, “Receptionist” and “Telephone Operators”. That is one reason my mother was so adament that I knew secretarial skills and even sent me to a business college to be sure I was capable (although I went kicking and screaming).

Women have been noticeably not a part of the Computer Coding business for the past several years. Statistics have shown :

“Women currently hold 24% of the jobs in computing—a level that has held steady since 2011, according to data from Girls Who Code. That percentage is likely to fall to 22% by 2025 if no new efforts are made to create and sustain young women’s interest in computing, from junior high to university, the report finds.”

To make this statistic even more strange, here is an interesting article from The New York Times, that tells us that the gender imbalance was actually less between males and females back in the earlier days of computers. Be Sure to read the article :

What can Skill Testing Add to a Career Choice?

Finding out attitude about a job type, can directly influence success in a career choice. When we are engaged, excited and want to learn more, we become motivated for success. Motivation as a factor in our hiring decisions can mean the difference between an employee that excels and an employee that lags behind.

One of my favorite programs in the United States today is Girls Who Code. Computer training for girls interested in learning to code. I found Mr. Molad’s article especially interesting. Skill Testing enhances confidence in selection for internships in coding careers. Knowledge is Power. Knowing where the motivation and excitement is within our being gives us direction toward the right decisions for our lives. Be sure to check out their Assessment Library Scripts, prepared by experts.

Visit: “How Code Like A Girl Selects Coding Interns“, by Omer Molad

Read how Skill Testing has improved the Intern selection for Code Like A Girl”s Internship Program. Mr. Molad, skill testing program has helped this organization target future interns that have the attitude and desire to make computer coding their career choice.

Taking the whole person into consideration with our candidate choice offers success for the employer and for the employee’s future. The more we understand each other’s motivation, the easier it is to work together to accomplish needed task, with happier workers.

Years have gone by, without us investigating the whole picture into an important consideration when making a hire for our company. When you hire, you hire more than one aspect of an individual. Motivation, excitement, curiousity, desire are all human characteristics.

Skill tests are an excellent opportunity for us to discover more about those applicants, before we bring them into our organization. Add Another Layer Of “Making That Excellent Match!” to our recruiter toolbox. Check out Skill Testing at

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