Your Recruiting Membership Page

Your Recruiting Membership Page

As a member of our, My Recruiting, your page on the website offers you opportunities to introduce your recruiting services in a unique way, created by you.

Your page: company page, gives your visitors an introduction to your services.  Recruiting is a “people business”, your personal approach to job placements and your particular knowledge of the job market is important to the job seekers that are looking for you.

Your Company Membership Page: companypage
Your Company Membership Page: companypage (Your Business Address)

Your Contact Info:  Your Company Website/Your Phone Number/Your Email Address/Your Facebook and Social Media Contact Info)

Your Own Video Marketing Ad (MP4) to use on your customized MRW Page.  Use anywhere you want to promote your business.

Creating your own video to introduce your company, explain more about how to use a recruiter, teach some great “get a job” lesson, provide video candidate/company testimonials or just give a good general introduction about your services, gives each of our members the chance to interact with visitors in their own “special way”.

(We can offer Graphics and Video Marketing Ads for your business.  We can schedule your Social Media Ads for multiple days in advance.  We can offer FB Header Ads, Personalized Ads, Animated or Explainer Videos, Chatbots, One-Click Lead Generation Ads and much more branding ideas for your business.Get your Own Video Creation App to use with your membership.) 

Mr. D. Scott Whipkey, CPC and Mr. Steve Boese gives valuable, helpful job seeker information.  I am sure you agree that both these individuals provided valuable information in this discussion and helped the job seeker understand what his or her expectations should be when working with recruiters.  The more individuals understand how recruiters function, the more successful job seekers can be in using recruiters to help them find a job.

What information can you provide job seekers to help them

find the job

they seek?

Employment INsights – Working with Recruiters, Segment 1 from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

Your Photo

Your Testimonials

Your Current Job Openings

Your Announcements/Your Giveaways/Your Optin Form, etc.

More about you:  What are your hobbies and interest.  Share a little about who you are and your special fun things to do.  (If you have a 2nd business, you may want to share your information at this time.)

Add your personal photo for more personalization.

Favorite Quote: Your favorite inspirational quote.


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