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Sustainability has been the topic of discussion with our oil and gas corporations for some time now.

A very serious discussion about sustainability has been needed for some time and is very welcome by those of us living on this planet.

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When global businesses talk about “sustainability“, we need to listen. Many of our companies are involved with providing the services that we take for granted everyday. This includes the coal plants that heat our houses, the mining facilities that provide the minerals we need to use in our digital devices, the oil products we put in our automobiles and other means of transportation, plus the water resources, that are vital to our everyday living .

Worley Parsons is one of those large organizations that supplies us with many of these necessary products and they are also helping us transition to new, innovative ways to help with the sustainability of life on our planet. As a global company, they represent an important part of where we are going as a planet, with happy, healthy beings; living their lives. As an organization in 49 countries, employing 51,000 plus people, it is good to see their dedication to our planet and people’s future.

Delivering a more sustainable world

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“We work with our customers to design and deliver
projects that incorporate the latest technological
innovations and contribute to sustainable outcomes.
We operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
In all aspects of our work we consider resource, water
and energy efficiency, circular economy principles and
environmental impacts.”

*Read more from the “Caring For Our Planet” (page 12) of their Sustainability 2020 e-book provided on their website.

Changes are occurring rapidly in 2021-2022 innovation is key to the future.

Hiring Engineers with a strong innovative, solution-oriented driven approach to problem-solving.   Finding Solutions to issues facing humanity’s life on the planet is part of the strategy expressed by Worley-Parsons Executive Staff.

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“The safety, health and well-being of ourselves and those around us
is fundamental to Life.
Without this, nothing we do is worth doing.”

– Chris Ashton, Worley CEO

Worley-Parsons and Intecsea offers career opportunities to be part of the future.

Be sure to check out the following

Job Opening for Multiple Locations:

Senior Mining Water Resources Engineer

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Find Out About How Intecsea is Leading In Ideas To Help Our Environment

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