What is an Individual’s “About Me Page”?

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Resumes or “About Me Page”?

Exactly what is an “About Me Page”? Like many of us, I grew up writing a cv or resume when looking for a job. Over the years, I have written many resumes for job seekers. There was a set pattern expected; and as a recruiter, I knew where to look for the information I needed. There were also the “power words” that were always what you expected to see in a resume.

the about me page
Changes In Job Seeker Presentations

New changes in how we find jobs today.

Of course, we all understand the power of social media in how things are done today. Networking is still king, it is just done in different ways. You can still go to the local Chamber of Commerce meetings and attend local meet-ups of career-minded people, but the internet has taken over so much of our connections, most of us are using zoom, text, one-page websites, and other internet services to find our next career. Services like Linkedin have proven extremely valuable in looking for a job.

I was just reading the following information about “The About Me Page” from the following Article:

How to Write a Perfect ‘About Me’ Page (With Examples)


Alison Doyle

Updated on December 3, 2022

 Reviewed by Amy Soricelli


Allison Doyle is One of Those “Go To” People When It Comes To Career Advice.

“What is an ‘About Me’ Page?”

An “About Me” page is a summary (typically two to five paragraphs) on a personal or professional website or a blog describing who you are and what you do.2

“Why Create an ‘About Me Page”

“Should you or shouldn’t you put the effort into crafting your perfect “About Me” page? Here are a few reasons why you should (and maybe shouldn’t) spend the time.”


  • It’s an ideal way to promote your professional brand and yourself as an authority.
  • Potential clients, employers, and others can go to your “About Me” page to learn more about you.”

Why Not?

  • Could lose traffic if your “About Me” page is focused too much on you and not on what you can offer your reader.
  • Can turn people away if you don’t respond quickly to comments or contact requests.”

Be sure to check out the article for instructions and more information before you write your “About Me” page. And, be sure to add a professional photo, as we all know how important images are in online connections.

This is just a quick informational blog to help you as we navigate the new waters of “finding a job” in our changing world.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing with others.

About Me Pages are being used today to help individuals connect with job opportunities and others in a professional situation.  Find your next job - with an About Me page.
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