What are the Benefits of Being Open Minded ?

keywordWhat are the Benefits of Being Open-Minded, especially in times of change?

When we talk about being open-minded, there are different images that show up for different people.  Our perspectives have a lot to do with what we expect from open-minded people.  Being open-minded is usually thought of as a good trait to have.  However the idea of being easy and having no morals has also been attached to the term, “open-minded”.

Most of us that are open-minded do feel that it is a good talent to possess.  Open-Mindfulness offers opportunities that those that move easily into being “outside-the-box folks”  can use to move away from depression, and disillusionment.  An open-minded person can sometimes see the bright spot even in some unhappy situations.  Unhappy situations can be turned into new opportunities by a truly open-minded person that can recognize the lesson and learn from the situation.

The following information comes from an article entitled:  “How To Be Open-Minded” from verywellmind.com.

Open Minded thinkerThe article is really informative and even provides us information about how we can be more open-minded.  We live in a changing world.  The old systems, ideas and philosophies no longer represent what people want in their lives.

When changes begin occurring, we all need to find ways to adjust.  Being an open-minded individual can help you move through difficult changes with positive ideas,  for productive changes, for our personal futures, and society’s future, as a whole.

We can find the answers together with new perspectives that bring empathy to the table, along with experience, imagination, creativity, and desire for better outcomes.

The article give us so much information; I do hope you will read it.  I found the information about the “Benefits of Being Open-Minded” interesting enough to share with you here.

“The Benefits of Being Open-Minded”

  • “Being more open-minded means enjoying some useful and powerful benefits. Open-mindedness helps you:
    • Gain insight. Challenging your existing beliefs and considering new ideas can give you fresh insights about the world and also teach you new things about yourself.
    • Have new experiences. Being open to other ideas can also open you up to new experiences.
    • Achieve personal growth. Keeping an open mind can help you grow as a person. You learn new things about the world and the people around you.
    • Become mentally strong. Staying open to new ideas and experiences can help you become a stronger, more vibrant person. Your experiences and knowledge continue to build on one another.
    • Feel more optimistic. One of the problems with staying closed-minded is that it often leads to a greater sense of negativity. Being open can help inspire a more optimistic attitude toward life and the future.
    • Learn new things. It’s hard to keep learning when you surround yourself with the same old ideas. Pushing your boundaries and reaching out to people with different perspectives and experiences can help keep your mind fresh.”

Changes in our lives can be disturbing and even catastrophic.  Finding our balance when experiencing change, is crucial.  Find out how you can move through these changes easier and with more conscious awareness of your decision-making moments.  Be sure to check out the article and see if there is information you can use.  Our lives are different now just through experiencing this one year.  Learning to move through times of change is important.  Order out of chaos, brings new opportunities and a chance for us to create new solutions to some of our old problems, plus find answers for many of the new problems we are facing.

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Stay strong and stay focused on a new and more directed future for all of us ahead.

Our Consciousness matters.  We can be

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