Temporary Job Opportunities

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Temporary Job Opportunities

2014 Temporary Job opportunitiesIt is a new year, and the talk is all about what to expect in the job market for 2014.  One thing that seems to be happening is that temporary business is still a strong business in the U.S.  The temporary industry has always been an interesting business.  From companies hiring temporaries as they begin to grow or hiring new employees because their business is becoming more stable, working temporary is an excellent opportunity for many types of job seekers.

The article is written to let recruiters know what to expect in the hiring industry this year.  This information is good for the job seeker to know too.  With such a strong percentage, opportunities for those individuals that want to work temporary or contract,  are  very strong this year, depending upon their particular situations.

Temporary Hiring Going Strong at 42 Percent — A 7-Year High

“If you’re looking for a big trend for 2014, here’s one: temporary hiring. Companies are expecting to hire more temporary workers in 2014 than they did last year. That means your business will continue to grow, or even more so, in 2014. In fact, this is anticipated to be one of the biggest opportunities for you in the coming year. According to CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast, 42 percent of employers say they plan to hire temporary and contract workers.”

Temporary work offers opportunities to not only earn money while you are looking, but it is a good way to sometimes meet the people that will help make your career plans move forward.  You will also be made aware of the companies in your industry that are hiring, add to your work experience, and meet others that have information about employment opportunities.  

Your availability for temporary work can many times lead to the direct-hiretemporary job opportunities opportunity you seek.  Find out more information by checking out some of the temporary companies in your industry or area of the country.  Temporary Job Openings definitely need to be part of your “job seeker toolbox” if you are in the job market in 2014.  

Wishing you much Job Search Success in 2014!

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