Social Media Job Search -Going Viral?

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Social Media Job Search

A social media job search.

What does that mean for the job seeker today?

Everywhere in the “job seeker’s” environment, he hears that he should be Social media job searchusing social media in his job search.  The job seeker can become frustrated because he hears so many individuals and social media sites talking about the success of social media in a job search.

When we think about using social media for a job search, we might begin to think that it is strictly for the younger generations to use social media as their source to find a job today.  However, the fact is that companies and recruiters, alike, are joining the social media ranks to find employees.  Even some of the social media sites market their sites to recruiters as a source to find “passive candidates”.

There is really no way around the fact that in many cases, social media has been behind many job placements today, whether that fact is easily recognizable or not.  When a recruiter post a job today, it appears on thirty other sites when he hits a button.  So, even if your Uncle Raymond told you about a job opening, he might have learned about it through a social media website.

The following information is interesting and shows us the importance that social media in a job search is occupying today.

Job Searches Go Viral as Individuals Embrace Social Media – MarketWatch

Bottom line, if you are in a job search today, it is going to be to your advantage to use Social Media sources as one of your approaches to job hunting.  As we all know, Networking is one of the best ways to find a job and has always been a very important part of a job seeker’s job search plan.  Social media is a great networking opportunity and offers potential to meet employers that you may not have known about any other way.

Social Media Job Searches

Part of Today’s Job Seeker’s “Toolbox”

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