Social Media and Hiring Process – Possible PItfalls

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Social Media screening and hiring

is used on a daily basis by recruiters today.

The internet has given recruiters needing to fill open jobs, new ways to find candidates and decide whether they are the “right applicant” or not for their open positions.Job Hunting Using Social Media

Because of the quick rise in using social media screening and hiring opportunities, rules and regulations have not yet been established.  To be on the “safe side”, recruiters must create practices that are not enfringing on the rights of the applicants or creating practices that create negative energy between job seekers and potential employers.  The following article is important information for recruiting representatives to consider as they use these new social media screening and hiring opportunities.

The Challenges You Face Using Social Media Screening and Hiring Process

“Most business functions have – to some degree – succumbed to the ubiquity and power of social media, and the HR department isn’t immune.

According to research conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management, 76 percent of companies currently use or plan to use social media during the recruiting process.”


No matter if a recruiter is recruiting for a company or organization or acting as a thrid party representative, the key is to create ethical practices for using the social media screening and hiring process.  Using information obtained from social media in a fair, non-judgemental manner involves personal responsibility on a recruiter’s part.  Being a human being, we all have our own opinions of what we want to see in our next successful placement, however, we must act in a non-judgemental way.  We all know about discrimination practices in hiring, although with social media we can learn a lot more about our potential employees through their social media profiles and actions, than we ever would simply in a couple of interviews.  

Social media screening and hiring has already caused some college students to learn the hard way that what is posted on the internet is “forever available” for anyone to see, including potential employers. We are truly living in a changing society and each of us must learn how to use the internet with respect and discernment. Human nature is about sharing, however, we must remember that sharing on social media is sharing with more individuals that just our small circle of friends and family.    Be smart about what you share.  People make decisions about you quickly on the internet based on what you post and what you share.  

virtual job interviewsOur world truly is getting smaller as we can communicate with each other so quickly and easily today.  Information is transmitted to anyone, anywhere in a matter of minutes.  Companies and individuals are in a learning process.  Integrity and respect for each other and ourselves is the way to ensure we create the world we want to see.  

Developing a social media screening and hiring process based on the qualities above, will help companies move through this transitional period in a positive, respectful manner.  As with anything new, we must find the best practices to create a society that respects each other’s rights as a human being.

Connection is the goal for a recruiter and the job seeker.  Use social media screening and hiring practices wisely.

Thanks for reading.

Much Success Always.


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Debbie Foster

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