Responsible Hiring – AI Use In Human Resource

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Responsible Hiring is the responsibility of the Hiring Company.

Responsible Hiring in 2023 is the responsibility of each individual company that is hiring today. AI adds new issues to consider as it is used more and more by hiring authorities. Businesses using AI in their hiring must be very careful to get authorization from the candidates. There are many reasons for this, but some of these reasons are related to bias against individuals. It is the hiring company that is ultimately responsible if there are issues related to responsible hiring due to using AI within their company.

responsible hiring and ai bias are two reasons companies need to be very careful about their hiring actions today

Algorithmic Bias is a problem with using AI for Hiring and the Company needs to be aware of how this can happen, as the responsibility lies with the organization.

According to the following information from the following article Human Resource Departments need to be aware of several factors involved when using AI to assist with the hiring process.

Although there are many positive attributes to using AI to assist the Human Resource Department in locating and assessing candidates, there are issues. I copied the following passage from the complete article that you might find interesting.

“AI issues hitting HR from ‘everywhere at once,’ former EEOC chair says”

Quoted from Eric Dunleavy, an industrial/organizational psychologist, and director of the Employment & Litigation Services Division at DCI Consulting.

Copied directly from the article in from the above-referenced post article.

Written By Laurel Kaiser and posted: 3/9/2023 – Be sure to read the entire article as it is very insightful!!!

“AI technology can also be designed to achieve D&I objectives, Dunleavy said. “When the tools are developed and monitored correctly, they can work,” he stressed.

“Therein lies the challenge. In the employment context, one of the major issues is that using AI tools may result in bias against certain demographic groups, management attorney Savanna Shuntich, of Fortney Scott in Washington, D.C., pointed out.”

“Algorithmic bias,” as the concept is known, can take a number of forms and can occur even when the employer or the AI tool vendor hasn’t taken any intentionally discriminatory actions.”

“For example, algorithmic bias could occur if the data used to train an AI tool instructs it to pull information that includes criminal records, Shuntich said. Using an individual’s criminal history in making employment decisions may result in race, color, or national origin discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to EEOC enforcement guidance. In addition, some states have “ban the box” laws that restrict how employers can use a person’s criminal history in making an employment decision.”

“Machine learning” can also cause bias. This happens when the AI tool learns bias over time, even if it’s specifically trained against that, Shuntich explained.”

responsible hiring, ai bias,

Understanding That Companies are The Ultimate Responsible Parties for their choices in hiring gives businesses a new outlook. Although there are many great opportunities to use AI in our hiring process, the human factor needs not to be lost. Hiring needs to remain a human being to human being process. The potential for issues can be daunting for the ethical company and must be approached with decision-making processes that keep the human factor as an important part of the decision. This is up to the company.

responsible hiring and ai bias is affecting HR hiring in the market today
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