Respecting Your Recruiter -Keep Them Working For You

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Recruiter Respect:

Recruiter respect is an important part of the recruiter working for you.find a recruiter finda job  Although there is a lot of complaining about how recruiters treat their applicants, it is important that the job seeker understands the role that the recruiter plays in helping candidates get a job today.

It is true that many recruiters may not make you feel that you are an important part of their business. However, understanding that the recruiter is your direct pipeline to a particular job that you may want or may even be able to direct you to a job you don’t even know about. Recruiters can be a real source of information, help and direction once you understand how connected they are in the industries in which they are involved.  Recruiters have to know the job market in their industry, it is the key to their livelihood.

It is so nice to see that has given information to help job seekers understand the importance of treating recruiters as valuable in a job search.  The recruiter is not there to make your job search more difficult but it is their job to make the best match for the job opening they are trying to fill.  If you want the recruiter to help you, you must be willing to understand the importance that the recruiter plays in the job search process.

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I really want to give Monster a real “thumbs up” for acknowledging the importance of recruiters in the job search process.

Find a job for your futureThe more we all realize that we are dependent upon working with each other in order to get the success we are all looking for in our lives, the more success we will all find.  Working with applicants to help them find a job is one of the reasons many recruiters find their job rewarding.  Recruiting is a people business and working together with your recruiter can not only help you “get a job” but add to the connections you need for your long term career success.

Thanks for reading and Thanks to for this illuminating article about how important “recruiter respect” can be to your job search success.

So — Go Out and Take Your Recruiter To Lunch Today!!!    (only kidding)

Best of Luck – Always


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Debbie Foster

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