Remote Work, Telework, New Ways To Work?

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Remote Work, Telework, and other ways of viewing our work experiences are becoming realities for those in several industries, but the tech industry is being followed closely. How will remote work/telework affect the tech people and how will that begin to impact where people live?

remote work and telework
How are Remote Job and Tech Telework Jobs changing how people think about work and where they live? 2020 is an interesting year – The Pandemic has changed many peoples ideas about work, where they live and, especially, what will be their next career move?
New Questions Are Coming Up For The Career Conscious People.

So Many Have Moved To

A Location Because Of Their Job…

There is always a conversion of salaries and costs of living to consider. Below I copied some quotes that I found on IT regarding information they have accumulated regarding Tech Workers and their salaries. They are carefully watching how remote, telework changes are happening in the industry and how the industry is being affected pre and post the Pandemic.

Here is a quote from Mahul Patel from the company explaining what they are seeing as they are closely watching this phenomena happen in the workplace.

“In the U.S., project managers were paid the most, averaging $154,000. Software engineers were meanwhile paid on average $146,000; data scientists were paid $139,000; and designers were paid $134,000.

A question being asked increasingly in 2020 is how those numbers change if these same workers leave behind pricey cities like San Francisco and head to more affordable spots.

Hired has answered that question specific to the Bay Area, and the unsurprising news that local workers’ wages assuming they go unchanged go a lot further elsewhere.

For example, making $155,000 in the Bay Area is akin to making $224,000 in Austin, thanks to its lower cost of living. In Denver, it would be like making $202,000.

Still, the calculations won’t be so easy for companies wanting to hang on to top talent.

Based on a survey of 2,300 tech workers, Hired says that nearly one-third of respondents said they’d be willing to accept a reduced salary if their employer made work from home permanent (while more than half said they would not); 53% said permanent work from home would make them “likely” or “very likely” to move to a city with a lower cost of living; and half said they’d want to return to their office “at least once a week” post-COVID-19.

The only crystal clear finding is that almost no one wants to land back at the office Monday through Friday. Specifically, just 7% of respondents said they wanted to head into work every day.”

Article From: ITJobCafe:Impact on Salaries Due To Remote Work

What’s Ahead For

The Future Of Work?

Tech jobs are an indication of many aspects of how our society will recover from these changes that have been forced on us as a world. From Zoom Meetings and Online Classes, we are seeing changes.

I have been a remote worker for a long time. I have talked to many people that can’t imagine life without an office to go to in the morning. There are those people that dress as if they are leaving home, complete with make-up. Remote work is not a new idea for many, and tech jobs are a natural for these types of jobs.

I also believe personality and ability to focus on tasks is a big curve that some people must overcome. There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of years about the Future of Work. The question of how we work has been in a state of change, and so has our system of education. Technology has created improvements and new ways of communicating information.

I recently wrote the following article relating to the recent 2019 meeting in San Francisco discussing “Work Rebooted – The Future of Work”

find a job in 2020  remote or telework?

We Will Have To Wait and See How The Future of Work Evolves and The Part That Remote Work Will Play.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will follow along as we learn more how Work is Changing. How do recruiters and job seekers work together to “Get The Job Done”. That is what we will find out as we move through these changes.

Looking forward to the discovery together.

Debbie Foster

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