Recruiting? What Is The Best Answer Today?

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What Is The Best Solution For You?

 Recruiting Today

Every industry has been changed since we all began to do our business and, even how we find a dating partner, using the internet.  The way we contact potential customers and, of course, the way we find our candidates for open jobs is commonly done on the computer these days.  No matter what your business or group’s needs, today we turn to the internet.  As the article below mentions, everything changed in 1999, when Monster did it’s first advertisement through appearing on a Super Bowl commercial.

Truthfully, I have experienced almost every job board mentioned in the article, and more.  As the recruiting industry has changed since 1999, I was one of those recruiters that wanted to find the best recruiting source for my company.  Is there any doubt that some of the job boards are no longer with us with all the changes that have evolved in recruiting since 1999.

The writer discusses the past and future changes in recruiter tools, my favorite offering is his following statement.  Looking at our jobs as our future, changes our perception of the next job we look for in our employment path.

The Anatomy of A Job Board – What’s Next?

The Return of the Career Hire: The talent war for sourcing the best people really never ended. Churn and burn jobs occur in many fields, (telesales, retail, hospitality, automotive dealers, tech) but hiring for a career versus a single job title will become the norm. Unless you can offer a progression of interesting roles, the security of lifetime employment and a pay progression that allows me to achieve my life goals, I am going to go down the street. This will change the conversation especially when recruiting new hires or when convincing someone to leave his or her job and join you. That means employment websites will have to think and act more like “career portals” and networks versus simple listings of “job postings”.


I have found many sources of information about the new recruiting2014 find a job tips processes.  The changes in how we recruit, are not only indicative of the recruiting process, but of how our world perceptions about finding employment opportunities are changing.

Be sure to attend informational webinars about recruiting and the ATS systems available today, if you are interested in finding new recruiting techniques today.  If you are looking to fill specific job openings, be sure to investigate different niche web sites and you may be happily surprised with your recruiting success.

Amazing changes to the recruiting process are emerging everyday.   It can become a very confusing, fast changing environment when we try to follow how quickly the computer is affecting the way we conduct our lives today.

My goal is to help recruiters connect with the “right candidate” in the most effective, efficient manner available.  Changing methods of recruiting do need to be considered when making your decision about best methods for your recruiting process.

Best of Luck -Always

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