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There is a shift in how recruiting is being accomplished today. Finding applicants for open jobs in 2020 is “recruiting in a candidate’s world”. How do we find the answers to be successful in this environment?

It is interesting that the Gen Z workers, which accounts for those individuals born after 1997, seek more personal connections with recruiters. Their knowledge is valuable, and they realize that computer skills, which are almost inherent, from birth, are an important part of almost any job, they apply for in today’s tech-oriented, economy.

Sheryl Estrada, from TheTalentTextbook Section at HRDive.com, recounts what she learned from a recent interview with a Harvard Business Publishing, Corporate Learning Representative, in the quote below:

“I asked Larry Clark, managing director of global learning solutions at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, how this changes the process. In these situations, Clark said recruiters need to think differently about “job fit.” “The standard recruiting practice is to look at proven experience in similar roles and drill into past performance,” he said in an email. However, “recruiters need to look for someone who has a track record with some of the skills, an aptitude for the others, and a hunger to learn.”

Sheryl Estrada’s Article: HRDive/TheTalentTextbookSection
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Does This Applicant Fit Into My Organization’s Needs today and in the future?

What I Love About Mr. Clark’s Approach To Recruiting –It Fits Into A Candidate Creating His or Her “Direction-Oriented Career Plan”

An approach like Mr. Clark suggest, is encompassing the “whole candidate”. Skills can include those skills we have at birth, those skills we learn and the skills that we love to do in our spare time. Talents and some Skills are inherent and can also be enhanced because of our love of them. This can be considered “passion” to some job seekers.

These skills are important in our hiring choices, because these are the skills that we want to develop through learning more about how to get better and have success, within our hearts. Being driven, by learning, can push us into successful lives, with a desire to be better and better at what we are doing.

recruiting in candidate's world, requires a new understanding of what we want to grow and change in this ever changing world of business
Targeting Our Recruiting in a Candidate’s World includes changing our method of evaluation of what is needed for our business growth.

It is difficult to stay current in this Candidate’s World of Career Plan Choices. Artificial Intelligence is taking over many of the time consuming, tasks involved with the recruiting process. Not all AI processes will work to attract the candidates we seek.

recruiting candidate world
Recruiting Candidate Interaction – AI vs. Human

It seems that there is a “human factor” that many job-seekers want to have with a company recruiter or independent recruiter. Therefore, recruiting functions are adapting to this new Candidate’s World in order to be successful. This includes the criteria method of evaluating what is important for the business’s hiring needs.

A Successful Recruiter today stays current with trends. Studying changes in how businesses’ recruit and adapting to the effective actions taken to find qualified candidates is encouraging today. With all the statistics and information available, it is easy for recruiters to learn what works for them.

recruiting in candidates world
Recruiters Can Be Invaluable Resources For Candidates and Businesses.
It is all about the connection.

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