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Third-party recruiters are in a position of working both for the company-HR client and the applicant, which puts a third party recruiter in a “position of tactfullness” sometimes.

On one hand, the recruiting company is paid by the hiring company and they know if they don’t provide theA recruiter has to keep the balls working together “right fit” for a job, they will not have that account very long.  On the other-hand, a recruiter does his best to help his applicant remain positive and at their best, when they are being interviewed by the recruiter’s client.  It can sometimes become like juggling three completely different-shaped balls,  especially during a particularly long interviewing process.

A company recruiter has a similar position, as they know that if they do not fit the specifications for the job they will not have a job, themselves, for very long.  The issue, from my perspective, is that the applicant does not always understand the entire process involved with third party placements.

I think the article below is a truthful way of explaining what happens in the back-end between the Recruiter (3rd party),  the Hiring Company and the Applicant.  Just as when a real estate agent cannot show you the perfect house, you will find the real estate agent looking for a new client to work for, the recruiter is commited to providing the best candidates possible to the hiring company.

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 “In an ideal world, headhunting is a win-win. “

Deborah L. Jacobs

I love this statement, because it is so true.

recruiter happy, job seeker happy, hiring company happy 

Having been a recruiter for so many years, when a deal comes together, believe me,

everyone is happy.

Recruiting TodayToday the world is changing and I am wondering what will happen with recruiting companies and agencies.  As we depend less and less on these big corporations or companies for our income, will Independent Recruiting Companies continue to thrive?  It seems the shift today is a good one, offering more time off, exercise rooms, day care facilities, meditation rooms, in general, a more humanistic thought process toward the worker.

I think there will always be a need for a “headhunter”.  There may be changes to how it is done, the skills needed, the reasons for the need, and the emphasis on desires for the employee and less only on the employer’s needs.  The need for good people will continue and finding those people is an art. Our world is very specialized and talent and skills matter.  However, the human factors for success in a job, still takes a human connection.  That is where a 3rd party recruiter adds value to the equation of

Job Specifications + Applicant =

Successful Job Placement for all parties.  

The changes in how we do things seems to be happening almost minute to minute. It is easy to see in the internet marketing world, how differences in how to accomplish tasks, improve the overall success of two or more parties when working together on projects.

Check out some of the Internet Marketers such as Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, Ed Dale, Frank Kern, Hugh Hitchcock…..and I can go on with these internet marketing top marketing people .  The rapid improvements over how things are done on the internet can be attributed to people like these, working together to create even better outcomes.   Transparency can be found in many ways on the internet, which has birthed many changes for better services in just a few years.

It also seems that we are finally seeing that the human being offers much more to any service they perform through their skills and talents.  The passions and desires for living their life in service is an important part of the whole person hired.  The attitude of pure survival is no longer the act of a consciously aware human.

 treasure hunterHumans are so much more than their resume.

I think the term “headhunter” should be changed to “treasure hunter”.  Finding the whole employee and tapping into that potential,  is the real treasure in anyone that we hire,  and we are beginning to recognize it’s importance.

There is a shift in the way humanity is thinking about their lives, their happiness and their joy.  It is becoming a universal shift to wanting a life with less war and aggression and less fear and survival-only thoughts.  The desire to find ways that we can be of service to ourselves and others, is finding it’s way into our unity consciousness.   Being part of a whole, makes us understand that peace and abundance makes for a much better life on this planet.  We are happier workers and thus the productivity increases through the actual enjoyment of the work we do.

The interesting thing that is emerging now, is a tendency to talk about internships and apprenticeships.  We have so many job seekers today that have talents and skills.  We all know experienced baby boomers with unique talents and skills that have many life lessons to bring.  These individuals are ready to move into something new and create new directions for this phase of their lives.   They may need training in something new, but bringing such an individual on board is a great opportunitity to help another find a new life, and create a well-trained, knowledgeable employee that brings something of value to the growth of a business.

Internships for our youth are also a valuable resource for the hiring company today.  We only have to look at any thirteen year old today (and some generations before) to understand the knowledge that they bring to business today.  When they are following their joy, and adding the talent that almost everyone of the millennials, plus the generations before, understand about using technology, we see how these people can also increase business potential for growth.

We have all the human talent available for our world to work together and grow together.  With some tweaking in our definition of  our personal “job search” ,  and a change in our expectations from the word “work”, i.e., adding words like “satisfaction”, “rewarding”, “feelings of abundance”.  We begin tapping into the human treasures that have gone un-noticed for so long in employment opportunities.

I believe that our world can save itself.  I think that when we start looking at each of our own desires for growth, understanding those gifts that we all possess and then sharing these gifts with others, we change our life and our society in unlimited untapped ways.  We will begin to live a much more productive and happy life together. membership website is designed for interaction between companies, recruiters, and applicants.  When the three parts of a process come together and all find the “right fit”, Deborah Jacobs statement again becomes a reality.   The more we can make that statement a reality, the happier and more success is experienced by all the parties involved in the connection between The Recruiter, The Company and The Applicant.

It is truly a Win-Win-Win

Create a Sense of Balance To All The Parties Involved

happiness with the recruiter and job seeker and the hiring company

“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?” the boy asked.
“Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Best of Luck Always!

Note:   I was so excited to share this information about how “headhunters work behind the scenes”, I curated Deborah Jacobs’ curation of the following article from Forbes.  So I wanted to be sure to share the following information with you.

“This is a guest post by Jorg Stegemann, who has been a headhunter for more than 10 years–half that time focusing on Europe. His blog is My Job Thoughts: Career Advice From a Headhunter. His other articles for FORBES include, “Six Signs You May Be In A Dead-End Job.”

I hope you will take the time to read all the information and that you find valuable.



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