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The question of hiring remote employees has been discussed in many boardrooms over the past few years. Reasons for these types of discussions are varied, but the result is that many companies are finding the remote employee can be a valued part of a company’s approach to hiring.

Remote Employees seems to be a trial and error operation for some businesses.

In the following article by, Omer Molad, from, a Performance-Based Hiring Company, who offers us a new way to screen applicants, we see several large tech companies with different approaches to this subject.

“Flexible Working-Productive or Destructive.”

In his article, Mr. Molad discusses how companies from Yahoo, WordPress, Envato and Automattic have encountered different results.

On a personal note, I have worked from home for about 35 years now. For me, working from home gives me the flexibility I need to be creative. I find that, many times, I am motivated at unusual hours and working from home, I have everything available at anytime. I remember the days of driving to and from work, sometimes an hour each way, or more. I find working from home works best for me.

As we read Mr Molad’s article, we learn that the collaboration among employees was the most important factor in Yahoo’s decision to eliminate remote employees. The CEO, Marissa Mayer, felt that there was a lack of collaboration among the team in this type of work structure. Therefore, if the desired level of collaboration is lacking, then eliminating remote employees is the decision made. Reddit followed suit with the decision that flexibility was not the direction to go for their company.

Each individual working together creates the success of the remote work forsce.
Each Employee Contributes To The
Success Of The Project

On the other hand, WordPress, Automattic and Envato found that remote employees benefit their businesses. The answer is that each of these businesses have their own “sweet spot”. Business environments and living beings all are different and sometimes it takes trial and error to find answers.

In his article, Mr. Molad offers advice for the companies that are considering remote employees. It is evident that to have successfully run organizations with off-site employees, there needs to be a structure in place for success. Be sure to read Mr. Molad’s article. His suggestions could be very helpful to the success of a remotely structured environment.

With employees stretching worldwide, Mr. Molad feels that success is about the mission. Having a strong desire and passion for what employees are creating together, brings good communication and creativity to the group. It is about getting the job done and that is what brings a team together.

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