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PreScreened MRW Candidates offer a quicker solution for your recruiting needs. It is all about making Those Great…

Successful Job Connections“.

MRW Recruiters have prescreened, pre-tested and pre-interviewed many clients that don’t always fit their needs at any given moment. As a My Recruiting Website Member the independent recruiting companies have connections that are available and ready to interview for open position.

Because of the connection being a Win-Win-Win for all parties, our MRW members can offer discounts for their services. This is a plus due to a quick job placement, so find out what your MRW Partner Member can offer you today.

prescreened candidates
MRW Prescreened Candidates create a Win, Win, Win for recruiter and candidates.
Sharing & Working Together Recruiters Can Connect More Job Seekers Quickly.

MRW Company Recruiters benefit by sharing Qualified, Pre-screened, Pre-Interviewed, and Pre-Tested Candidates for hire.

No matter the size of the MRW Member’s Company we can offer discounted Social Media Advertising for sharing Prescreened Candidates. The website is designed for answers to the job-connections issues we are facing today.

corporate recruiters

Social Media Advertising Discounts

Social Media -Online Advertising Job Openings offer MRW Members the advertising they need to connect with the right candidates.

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and more social media sites.
  • Automated, Scheduled Postings – Post Ads Multiple Days In Advance
  • Video Creation Advertising – Animated, Interactive, FB Headers,
  • DIY programs available
  • Blogging, Websites, Search Engine Optimization, E-Book Creation
  • Chatbots
  • Just ask us, we will find a way to help ……………………………………………. Make That Job Connection!
prescreened candidates
Watch for your connections to grow quickly. with our Pre-screened Candidates.
y Recruiting Website Members have opportunities to work with other recruiters to Make The Placement sooner with Prescreened Candidates.

*See Samples – Learn More Now

See A Sample Page Created By: Future Prospects Personnel Service, inc., which shows us sample descriptions for information to promote available Prescreened Candidates. See samples here: “Sample Prescreened Job Candidates”

Sample Form:

Candidate Information Sheet Valuable information for interested MRW Member regarding candidate’s background and experience. View Sample Form Now -Link Here

After reading sample candidate descriptions, please review our form information for required candidate information. Simply click on the Applicant Description and you will be taken to a sample of the MRW connection form. You will also find the link for the Member’s Prescreened Contingency Discounts.

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Member to Member Connections

MRW – Requires No Connection Fees -Member Connections Are Self Maintained and Monitored.

The MRW Member Connection is completely the responsibility between our members. There is no intervention by MRW and no Connection Costs. This is a service provided by My Recruiting Website to make it easy for our Members to become sharing partners.

find a job find a recruiter find the job help you need

Remember! We also welcome Job Counselors and Trainers to join our membership. Find the Job Help you need at

find a job, find a recruiter
Visit My Recruiting Website today. Find the job help you seek to make the job connection you need.

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