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Remote Work – Opportunities For Disabled Workers

In my world, I love remote work. On a personal note, I found working from home very rewarding.

Strict work schedules didn’t really work for me. Usually it was very difficult for me to stay the whole day or get there at the required time. (I was never a fan of “the 8:00 to 5:00 world). Remote work has fit much better for me for many years now. A person must learn to make working at home work for his or her personal needs and accomplish the requirements of the job to be performed. I do, however, believe there are people that work best in an office with others, and that they like working in a more structured environment.

Some of my friends that work from home, say they always get all dressed with make-up everyday, because it gives them incentive.

Over 50 life purpose
Next Sales Call — Please

With all of the new ways to connect today, plus all the traffic congestion that many people face, which causes lack of productivity; work-from-home work was already becoming a highly probable solution. Our Covid problems only made remote working come to life, in our spectrum of possibilities. A wonderful addition to adding more remote work opportunities is helping those disabled individuals find new “open doors” for their future. .

recruiting we are hiring
New Doors Are Opening With Remote Work – Think Outside the Box

The following discussion between Disability Digest and Michael Sanders of NTI@Home. Great information for many people that are unable to, or find it difficult to leave their home. Supporting the work of people helping others is important, and Michael Sanders seems to have found a wonderful solution for many people’s problems.

It is called a Win-Win-Win Solution in the

Recruiting Business.

The Purpose For Recruiting Is To Find The

“Best Connection Choice For Everyone”

prescreened candidates
Prescreened candidates create a Job Placement Success that can be a WIN-WIN-WIn for recruiters and candidates.

When the “right people” come together

with a
“Clear Choice“,

It is a Win-Win-Win For Everyone

My Recruiting Website’s goal is to help those that are looking for the right position or candidate, find the right connection with the “right people”, offering the “best choice” to fill specific requirements for those involved.

We support businesses that are “planet friendly”, “people friendly”, and “all planet-life friendly”.

Working with these goals in mind, we also work to keep the Human in the Human Resource Functions.

Hiring has reached a crossroads in the

Twenty First Century

My Recruiting Website promotes open job opportunities offering future, positive directions in our world ;

Striving to create a happy existence for all inhabitants.

Thank You for reading and sharing this posts.

Debbie Foster – My Recruiting Website

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