National Mentoring Month

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Mentoring Month – January, 2021

Sharing What We Know To Help Others Succeed

Getting Involved Can Make A Difference In The World.

When We Work Together To Help Others – We Help Ourselves


2021 Is A Year Of Discovering Who We Are In This New Paradigm Shift.

Are We ready to Get Involved – Make A Difference – and Follow Our Hearts?


2021 is a Welcome Site for many of us.
Learning to adapt to the situations we have been experiencing has added new difficult circumstances to many people’s lives.

A Generation-to-Generation
Approach To Solving Problems Is One Answer to Many Different Problematic Circumstances We Are Facing.

Are you ready to see the Changes In The World That Are Needed?
Creating Innovative Ways Of Solving Problems Can Be One Of The Ways Our Communities & Towns Work Together To Find Answers.

Visit and find out how you can be part of this growing movement.

Share Your Story About Mentoring and Learn How You Can Get Involved Today.

Working Together We Can Be The Change We Want To See In The World.


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Debbie Foster

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