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Thanks for joining me on this journey

We Saved This Spot For Your Recruiting company
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For so long it has seemed so strange to me that those of us with job openings can’t seem to connect with the ones we need.

Unemployment numbers may or may not be accurately expressed today, due to the fact that so many individuals have realized that the old methods of getting a job are no longer working.Many have just given up, but many have started new career opportunities.

Recruiters are having to face the same awakening. No longer do we depend on newspaper advertisements, phones, simple job boards, resume searches, cold calling and the old methods that many of us have used for so long.

So, How Do We Really Connect Today?

We need to stand out in a unique, memorable way.

My Recruiting
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Branding is a word that is used everyday in our world of internet marketing , social media and marketing our services.

Our Community of recruiters is not only an opportunity for you to create your own memorable brand, but gives us an opportunity to connect with the ones that are looking for us. As a community, we have power to stay current with the most effective ways of recruiting today.


Let’s get stated!

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  • This page contains 3 Pre-Made Banners that are available for you to use prior to your banner being made specifically for your company. Please decide which of these banners will work for you, while your personal banner/link is being prepared.
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  • Schedule a 15-30 minute period of time for us to discuss how you want your banner advertisement to look. Your banner is created to give your company a unique, personal touch to your brand, in addition to your own logo or banners can be used on Facebook pages or Twitter, etc.
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(complete the information and send back to me)

I am so glad to have you as part of our Recruiting Membership.

The mission is to start making those connections we need.

Looking forward to talking to you very soon. Again, thanks for joining.

– Debbie Foster

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My Recruiting
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