Looking For A New Career in 2023?

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If you are looking for a new career in 2023, you may find changes in the job market that you want to be aware of, especially if you have not looked for a new career in some time.

New skills and talents are required for many of our old jobs due to the changes in how our economy functions today. There are even new opportunities available for us today, that were not previously part of the job market. Taking our knowledge and converting it to current opportunities can be a challenging change for many of us. As job expectations change in this time of automation, many people are experiencing changes in their old job processes. No matter how long you have been working, there are new processes, skills, and talents being required.

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Making Job Connections in 2023

Older workers are experiencing a younger workforce in positions of power within many organizations. The fact that many of our younger workers are now in authority positions, means that some of us have now moved into the “more experienced worker group” or possibly near retirement age range. We may experience looking for new career opportunities unexpectedly. As our situations change, we may find ourselves working with, or sometimes even working for an individual younger than ourselves.

Considering that in the US, our “prime-age workforce” is usually between 25 to 54, this is not an unusual situation. I remember reading a story in 2009, about a grandfather who was actually interviewing for the same position as his grandson. We had such a shortage of job opportunities during that particular time, that young and old were finding it difficult to find employment opportunities in some areas of the country. It is unusual for job skill requirements to come into a competing situation like that, but our country was experiencing hard times.

Our current employment situation is in a state of change and circumstances can create new situations for job seekers and hiring authorities. It is good to be adaptable and able to adjust to these new circumstances.

I was just sent this valuable video tip from Skillings Mining Magazine and thought it was a great video to share with job seekers today. Job requirements and expectations have changed a great deal over just the past few years. Preparation is always an important part of any job search. The following suggestion for older workers is helpful for experienced workers looking for new employment today.

Sustainability and Going Green Goals Are Making Creating Changes In Some Industries

The Construction Industry is one of those industries that have experienced a labor shortage over the past few years. Suppliers to the construction industry have been making many changes due to sustainability goals.


My Recruiting Website just posted a new job:

Construction Industry for a Manager, Metal Roofing Position Opening in Phoenix, Arizona.

I have added useful information to the job description, regarding the Construction Business and how changes are being made that are keeping the industry a valuable source of employment through the changes we are experiencing with the Sustainability and Green Goals from the supplier industries to the Construction business.

Be Sure To Check It Out

Many Thanks to Skillings.net for the great suggestions in their Job Interview Information Video. Be sure to visit their website.

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