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Rainbow Acres – Camp Verde, AZ

Purpose Brings Happiness To Special Workers in AZ

Working and finding purpose for life benefits others. When businesses work with local organizations in the communities, new purpose and meaning becomes part of life for some people that were considered disabled. There are many ways that people can find purpose in their lives. Many times, these ideas come from creative ideas from people that understand and care about those living around them.

When I first moved to Arizona,

I was told about a ranch facility in Camp Verde, AZ.

“Rainbow Acres is a Christian community with heart that empowers persons with developmental disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. We provide exceptional housing, life-enriching programs, and loving, holistic care in a safe, vibrant, inclusive ranch-style community.”

“Our residents, called Ranchers, are valued as individuals. Each is important, personally known by caregivers and staff, and nurtured to live a happy and full life. Ranchers live, work and socialize with their peers on the ranch, and are also important members in the local community, where many Ranchers work, volunteer, take classes and participate in activities.”

“Rainbow Acres is anchored in the core values of faith, hope, love and compassion, and all care is delivered by the principles of the Golden Rule. These values become part of each Rancher, caregiver and employee and are manifest in a friendly community that is filled with remarkable and authentic joy and growth. New milestones, miracles, and expanded capabilities of the Ranchers are witnessed every day. It’s a place where friends become family, and Rainbow Acres becomes home.” Read more:

Communities and The Surrounding Business Connections working together create success for the residents.

Camp Verde, AZ is a great example of this community spirit. From open jobs to open volunteer opportunities, our communities thrive through the respect we show for each other and our surroundings. Rainbow Acres is a great example of what can be done with such a love of community and respect for each other.

I look forward to visiting with this great facility operating for so many years in this small town. The smiles on the faces of the residents, employees and volunteers express the value that this ranch is adding to the ranch locals and town.

It is about sharing ideas and working together to help each other. Be sure to visit their website to learn more.


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Debbie Foster

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