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Job Interviews In 2014 and beyond…..

Are you ready to have your next job interview result in a job offer without ever actually meeting your new employer or seeing the company’s office or facility?

As the recruiting techniques become more technologically oriented, the job seeker needs to be ready to have a virtual interview.  Many recruiters have been using Skype for sometime to interview prospective employees.  As our communication devices and sophistication of the technology improve, the need for that “face-to-face/handshake interview” is becoming less and less the What do job interviews and the Jetsons have in common?first conversation between the candidate and the hiring personnel.

There are many reasons that recruiters are adding the virtual recruiting technique to their “HR Tool Box”.  It is important for the Job Seeker to understand the changes in how he or she will be able to find a job in 2014 and beyond.  One of the frustrations of job seekers over the past few years was sending out resume after resume and never getting a response.  I think part of the reason for the  frustration is the fact that they had no idea what happens when resumes arrive at their “space location”.

Recruitment Strategies: Virtual Recruitment Tools and Tactics |

Technology has certainly become an integral part of today’s hiring process. In fact, it’s now feasible for a job applicant to not visit the worksite or even shake hands with his or her future boss until right before –– or even after — receiving a job offer. In fact, virtual recruiting has the potential to save time and money in an age when recruiters and companies are often inundated with hundreds — or even thousands — of resumes for review. Yet it also raises legal and practical considerations.



It is important for you, as a job seeker, to be prepared for the new expectations for job interviews.  

The more you know about the new sources that recruiters are using today, thefind a job in 2014 success better prepared you are to promote your skills and talents in the best light possible.  Stay current, practice, and prepare for your next job interview.  

Our website is here to help you stay current with the most effective and efficient “job search success” tips available today.  

Knowledge is power. 

Thanks for reading

Wishing You Much Success In 2014.


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Debbie Foster

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