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Job Interviews-Job Offer Success

All good job interviews have an end.  Whether you feel great about the job job interview successinterview or you feel that the interview is questionable, it is important to end the job interview on a positive note.  Because closing an interview is sometimes awkward, it is important that you make the best impression that you can with the interviewer before you the leave the meeting.

I read information and suggestions from individuals that understand the interviewing process and sympathize with the job seeker, that this can be a confusing moment for the job seeker.  The following information is a good source to help you with your approach to ending an interview.

Ending the Job Interview Successfully

“The end of a job interview can be awkward. You want to leave the interviewer with a very good impression of you, and you also want to know how you did – how you rank among the other “contenders” for the job. Should You Ask for the Job at the End of the Interview? Many […]

The article gives you some very good information about how to end the job interview successfully.

Here are a couple of other suggestions that I would like to add to the ideas mentioned in this article.

1.  The end of an interview is a perfect opportunity for you to close the interview in a way that offers you an opportunity to understand where you stand with the interviewer.  Example:  Ask the interviewer how he or she sees your background fitting with the job requirements or environment fit that they are seeking.  The reason for asking this question is to open up any concerns that the employer may have about your skills before you leave the office.  If the interviewer feels that your background is a bit too light or not related to the job skills required, this question will give you an opportunity to correct any misgivings before you leave the office.  You have one more opportunity to make your case to the interviewer and eliminate any issues that may be of concern while you are still together.

2. Always be sure and thank the interviewer for his time and ask him about the hiring process, including the next step and how long before a decision should be made.  It is important for you to understand the process before leaving the interviewer’s office.  It is also important for you to let the interviewer know that you are interested in the position and are available for further discussions at his or her convenience.

3.  One of my favorite suggestions to job seekers is to create the job interview, in your mind, as a personal challenge.  When you make it your challenge to “Get a job offer“, you become more confident in your abilities and it is easier for you to see how you “fit” the job description they are describing to you.  There is a big difference between being self confident in your abilities and bragging.  Your goal is to connect with the interviewer in a way that makes him trust that you are a confident, knowledgeable, effective candidate.  Remember, even if you don’t fit the particular job opening perfectly, the interviewer may know of other possible openings that would be a better fit for your talents.   You may find in an interview, that when the job is actually described to you, in detail, that you are no longer interested.  Keep the “Get a job offer” challenge in your focus.  It is an ego booster to be offered a job, you can also politely decline, and you feel better and more positive for your next interview experience.

To help you with your next interview, please download the following information.  It is the goal of this website to give job seekers the information they need to have the job interview success they need today.



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Thanks for reading.

To your Job Interview Success!


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