Job Hunting: Social Media and Job Culture Fit

Social Media – Job Hunting

Job hunting.  Finding a job today is not an easy task.  Even when the skills you possess are in demand, your job happiness may depend upon the company that employs you.

Job Hunting Using Social MediaThe social media sites are great sources of finding a “culture fit” for you skills.  One of the new criteria in finding a job today that should be considered is the culture.  Many a job seeker has taken one job over another and found that his choice did not create the environment for his talents and skills to blossom.

Early in many of our lifetime’s span, women took employment as secretaries, hoping to have opportunities to move into more responsible positions.  However, we can look at some of our grandmothers and realize that they lived their whole life in jobs that did not offer them opportunities for advancement.  It is different today, and there are many opportunities for women and all job seekers to investigate the culture of an organization before accepting employment.  The information below from explains how you can use some social media sites to help with your investigation of companies and their possible “culture fit” for your needs.

Find Your Employer “Culture Fit” With Social Media – Vault: Blog

“How do you find the right workplace culture for you? Social media: an interactive way to learn about and communicate with an organization in real time. Here are some tips to start exploring culture on these networks.”


Finding the right fit for your job opportunities before making a decision to accept a position is important.  Be sure to use the sources available to you to make a decision that is right for your own career path.

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Wishing you all much success in your career and job choices.

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