Intelligence By Country -In Case You Wondered

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Intelligence Rated By Countries – 


Intelligence rated by countries.  

We are seeing so much information these days, we are beginning to question what we are reading, hearing and seeing.

As we learn about “f_ke n_ws” and more about some stories that have been told to us that are not always true,

we are becoming more aware to question the source and investigate for ourselves.  

That is a sign of intelligence. 

Discernment is one of the most important parts about intelligence in the year 2021.

As Conscious human beings, we have the ability to think for ourselves and make decisions for ourselves, when we have the correct information.

The truth is within our hearts. 

There is information that we are just learning about.

Whatever we learn that we believe is true, then we need to run it through a few more times with an open mind, no fear, preconceived conclusion, and information that “we trust” . 

Always, remember, to ask yourself, “What does make you trust and believe who you trust and believe.”  🙂


Many Thanks to  I Love Data for sharing with us.

He gives us his sources of information.  This helps us make a good, informed, decision.





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