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A New Green Future for Industrial Energy Development

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According to the following article from Hydro Energy we are moving into the next Green phase of the industrial development of our world. Be sure to check out the following article when you have a chance. I found it very comforting to know that Hydro is working to find new renewable energy sources to protect the sustainability of our world. Be sure to read more from the article: Hydro.com/Join Our New Green Growth Journey.

“The transition from fossil to renewable-based energy systems plays an important role in tackling climate change. We have the legacy and capabilities to help industries getting access to affordable, cleaner energy in a responsible and sustainable way, helping them optimize their power consumption and reduce their footprint” Olivier Girardot, Head of Hydro REIN

“Our business model is based on agility and the ability to leverage Hydro’s 100+ years of renewable energy and industrial development. Our diverse team has the expertise and the resolve to develop projects, services and solutions that make a difference for our clients and the societies they are part of.”

There are several aspects to the solution and the production of batteries plays a big part in the answers that Hydro is working with.

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The following information is also taken directly from the article and contains more important information regarding the solutions available through Hydro’s development opportunities.

The battery sector is expected to grow very fast globally and in Europe, mainly on the back of the ongoing automotive industry transformation from fossil fuel to electrical vehicles. There is a demand for a European sustainable battery value chain, and Hydro and Norway is well placed to take significant positions in this sector. The next steps to realize this potential are to establish a dedicated team that will systematically build competence through hiring of experts, and actively develop and expand Hydro’s battery footprint.”  

“We aim to explore new growth in areas where our capabilities match the global megatrends,” says Hilde Merete Aasheim, CEO & President.”


Be sure to check all their job openings and be part of our new sustainable future

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Hydro – Current Job Opening in Phoenix, AZ

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