Hospital Staffing – Difficulties Finding Qualified Staff

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Hospital Staffing are experiencing serious difficulties finding qualified staff.

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Finding qualified staff to work for hospitals has been a problem for our hospital recruiters even before our pandemic needs. The following article from 2018, tells us that hospitals were taking several months to find medium and leadership candidates to fill open positions. Often times, these open positions required help through outside recruiting sources.

In 2021, many new staffing issues have arisen, due to our pandemic and I feel confident that the problems the hospitals were facing have only intensified.

Here is a quote from the article from regarding staffing recruiting is a major problem for hospitals.

“March 15, 2018 – Healthcare staffing remains a problem for hospitals, with almost 31 percent reporting that they cannot find enough candidates to fill open positions, a recent survey of over 200 hospital C-suite executives, administrators, and human resources leaders uncovered.

“The survey, conducted by the Massachusetts-based staffing firm Leaders for Today, also showed that hospitals are not finding enough high-quality candidates to fill healthcare staffing gaps. Almost one-quarter (23.9 percent) of respondents said that their hospital has a quick turnaround for filling positions, but not all the candidates are qualified to do the job.

Candidate shortages, as it turns out, are not specific to hospital size or location,” researchers explained. “As part of our survey, we examined the hiring situations for hospitals across all shapes and sizes: hospitals with large numbers of beds, critical access hospitals and everything in between. While hiring strategies do vary by size, the underlying results are consistent across all types and locations. When looking to make a hire, finding enough qualified candidates is a real problem across the board.”

With recruiting qualified candidates as a top healthcare staffing challenge, the majority of hospital leaders (51.6 percent) reported that their organization’s ability to find qualified candidates in a reasonable amount of time was not very good.

Only 5 percent of survey participants thought their hospital found good candidates in a timely manner and another 35.2 percent rated the recruiting process as good.”

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Another interesting fact from the article shows that hospitals usually rated hiring third in line of the responsibilities of the hospital’s Human Resource Department. Compensation and training were listed as the first two responsibilities.

“Hospitals of all sizes are also using outside staffing agencies to fill remaining healthcare staffing gaps for leadership and clinical roles, the survey showed. Small hospitals are slightly more likely to use a staffing agency to find qualified candidates for senior and mid-level leadership roles.

Chart shows when small hospitals use staffing agencies to fill healthcare staffing gaps.

Source: Leaders for Today”

“On the other hand, larger hospitals are seeking the help of staffing agencies equally as much for leadership roles and clinical positions, such as physician and nurse vacancies.”

Chart shows large hospital use of staffing agencies to fill leadership and clinical roles.

Source: Leaders for Today

Regardless of the recruiting strategy, though, hospitals are still facing significant healthcare staffing challenges. The challenges may stem from how human resources prioritizes their tasks, the survey suggested.”

Finding answers sometimes means thinking outside the box. The goal is to find the “right people for the “right job” as quickly as possible. Our hospitals provide us with extremely important services. Working together to uncover the people we need to fill these spots is what is important for all of us. Our hospital workers are to be respected and thanked when we have an opportunity.

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