Healthy and Wise Sustainable Drinks

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A Purpose-Driven Business Making

Our World A Healthier Sustainable Planet

How do we begin to experience life in a Healthy and Wise way?

Making a move to live a healthy and wise life is easier when we can locate products with healthy and wise intentions.

healthy and wise sustainable products

Tractor Beverage Company has set up a trend of “regenerative agriculture” and organic farming, giving new life to the beverage industry.

Society is waking up in many ways, including being more health conscious and more aware of the needs for living on a “healthy planet”. We are living in a time when society is having a “Wake Up” call to what we are doing to our bodies and how we are the custodians of the planet we inhabit. Sustainability is a word that many of us find refreshing when we consider the future of our bodies and our planet.

Moving Into A Healthy and Wise Existence Takes New Perspective and Efforts

Shared from the article from Sustainable Brands:

Tractor Beverage Company Offers Living Case Study In Linking Regenerative ag to large scale foodservice

By: Geoff Nudelman

“With the “healthier” beverage industry’s explosive growth largely confined to the “ready to drink” (RTD) and retail categories, the options in foodservice have remained largely stagnant.

The USDA estimates that as of July, the overall foodservice industry (restaurants, cafes, colleges & universities, etc) is a $978 billion industry; and much of that business is driven by a few key players. Many of those vendors are rooted in old-school food-growing and distribution tactics, not optimized for the climate and global needs of a rapidly warming world.

It’s what makes Idaho-based Tractor Beverage Co. such a fascinating endeavor. Founded in 2015 by farmer Travis Potter, the drink brand is setting the tone for regenerative agriculture and organic farming as a pathway to rethinking the soft drink lineup at some of the country’s largest foodservice accounts.

“There are all sorts of things you can sell to people, but I saw the biggest opportunity in beverages,” Potter told Sustainable Brands™. “People are buying organic on purpose now; and, if anything, it’s cheaper than buying conventional in the long run.”

It is pointed out in the article that the industry was changing already and that carbonated drinks were no longer as in demand as they were in our previous paradigm. Changes have been occurring in the industry already.

The company plan is to use only organically certified, non GMO fruit from their regeneratively grown farm in Idaho and purchase fruit from around the world that meets their high quality standards, but is “blemished” and not designated as “table fruit”. In order to provide enough of the needed fruit for their operation, they have also recently purchased 2,050 acres of farmland.

healthy and wise

Regarding the pandemic, one of the issues mentioned was the lack of farm workers and distribution problems. This is a supply chain problem, that many businesses are experiencing today.

Ideas are developing around us that are exciting and shows a more conscious awareness of what can be done to provide lives that are healthier and less invasive to our planet.

I like sharing news about businesses with a purpose that helps all of us.

Best wishes to Tractor Beverage Company for their attention to creating a more sustainable future for all of us.

It looks like their business is one of those businesses, whose time has come. Living our new healthy and wise lives is exciting. Do your own research to find those companies that support you in your efforts.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

healthy and wise


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