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Headhunters are Human Resources.

Headhunters are Human Resources

Third Party Recruiters are the Human Resources Department for some businesses. A third party recruiter might be a single person working alone, or a group of people working together. Independent recruiters can be very good at “headhunting”. They know what they are looking for, especially when they have a niche market. Finding applicants is not always easy, and finding fee-paying businesses to work with, takes investigation.

It is a recruiter’s “Job“, with a capital “J” to know who is hiring, where the applicants can be found, and be a coach for both clients at the same time. Whether a headhunter specializes in a particular skillset area, job location, more experienced or entry level job placements, knowledge can be gotten from finding the right recruiter to work with you. Headhunters are Human Resources for the knowledge that the job seeker wants to know. It is a good idea to interact with a “headhunter”, although I am not a fan of the term.




As a third party recruiter myself for 30 plus years, I networked with several other agencies when I had a “great applicant” or needed a particular skillset. Working both with the companies and the candidates daily, gives a unique perspective to the recruiter’s knowledge. You might also find that some recruiters work more with the hiring companies and others enjoy working with the candidates. “Headhunters can lesson the time you spend looking for your next position or hire. The match is key. There needs to be a Win-Win-Win feeling when the job placement is done.

Many of our ancestors did not even consider that work could be enjoyable and it was unheard of that we would look for something we really want to do, versus only the financial reward. Work takes up a lot of time in our short lives, being happy, using our talents and following our hearts makes sense to me. The article below from Forbes Magazine, explains what Millennials Want in a job.

what millennials want
What Millennials Want. – Forbes Magazine

When I first read this, it seems very reasonable to me that most individuals would want to have these experiences become part of their job journey. Why wouldn’t we all want a job that offers these things throughout our career path? Our culture, has given us a more subservient attitude to the large corporations. Learning our talents and skills, not only offers us a chance to create the lives we want to live, but also offers us the opportunities to discover our purpose in life.

Watch for more about resumes and how we are adapting to the new ways of looking at work. The workplace is changing and keeping the humanity in the employment process is more important than ever. I am all for resume changes. It has been a long time coming. Promoting ourselves, in our own words, not the same old “resume word list” that I gave out so many years, is exciting.

This website is here to inform, assist and connect Job Related Businesses . We believe in a changing job market. Helping us experience more of the job connections that can really make a difference is the goal of MyRecruitingWebsite.com

Watch for more.

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