Find A Job: Job Search Tips

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Find A Job:  Job Search Tips


If you are trying to find a job today, knowing all the different sources for yourfind a job - what are my options search is very helpful.  My goal with this website is to help the job seeker connect with the individuals that can help in the job search process. As I do my research, I will share new and valuable information that I discover to help the job seeker find a job and connect with the “One” that they need to help them get the job they are looking to find.

Finding the following video by James Stroud was very exciting for me.  He gives job search tips and information in the following video that job seekers may not know about or have not considered.  I hope you enjoy his video and you find some helpful find a job tips to make your job search quicker and easier in today’s job market.

James Stroud – Vimeo Video

After I watched his video, I checked out the Job Compass App link and did not find much information.  This video was done four years ago, so I am not sure if this suggestion is still viable.  I will keep looking for more information regarding this app or any new ones that are available today.  Please be sure to leave a comment for Mr. Stroud if you found his tips helpful.

The most impressive information that I found in this video is about .jobs and the way that job seekers can use this new .com to find jobs.  You not only can search by location, but also by job preference.  What a great source for you, as a job seeker today, to use to find the jobs that fit your needs.  Be sure to test out the .jobs source and find the job openings that fit your requirements.

One last comment about James Stroud’s video. I have used his “Googling method” to find candidates for my job openings.  So, remember, if you do a good job with your resume’s SEO, you may find it on page 1 of Google Searches.  This could actually help get you a job through your own resume that you have posted on the internet.  If someone found your resume by searching their “keyword requirements” on Google or any of the search engines, it would be tremendously satisfying for you.  It would also help your resume be seen by the job posting companies’ and their computerized resume readers.

This website is still in progress, and I hope you will continue to check back for more “Find a Job” tips.  2014 is the date for this website to “go live”.  Be sure to come back to find more information.

The goal of this website is to help you make the job connection you need to make quicker and more targeted searches for your job search needs.

Find a job for your future

Thanks for visiting.  See you soon.


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