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 Site Reviews Help Job Seekers

We hear a lot today about how things are changing for those individuals whofind a job tips want to find a job today.  Although, we hear mostly about the negative issues for those job seekers trying to find a job today, there are new opportunities for the job seeker to evaluate opportunities quicker and easier.

The internet gives individuals opportunities to offer insight into their own experiences with companies and recruiters prior to any initial interaction.  The article below points out that In fact, a survey discovered that 72 percent of consumers reported trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, while 52 percent said that positive online reviews influence their decision to more than likely use a local business. That’s pretty major.”  With percentages like this, all companies understand that online review sites can and do affect a company’s success in their hiring and retention process. 

A job seeker can find out information about how other applicants, employees and even previous employees rate a company.  From salary, career advancement, hiring practices, and even culture, an applicant can find out helpful information prior to any initial conversation.  When we understand how much information can be learned about a company and their policies today, positive employment branding becomes even more important to attracting the individuals each company is needing today.

find a job researchToday, none of us has the time to research all the information about every potential company or recruiting agency with job postings.  Finding valuable information that will help us make the right choices is invaluable.  Therefore, here are a few quick sources that you, the job seeker, may want to know before setting off to find a job today.

Effective Employment Branding: Online Review Sites

Employer review websites like Glassdoor have become extremely popular over the past few years. Offering a peek into “real life” as an employee at a particular employer, review websites offer job seekers a better way to research companies prior to application or interview. Whether or not you’re aware of this, these types of online hubs for current and past employees and new job seekers can drastically affect your employer brand and reputation.


A job seeker does not want to spend his time chasing dead end opportunities.  By using review sites that inform the job seeker of information he needs about what to expect, the job search process becomes more streamlined.

Finding a company or finding a recruiter that aligns with your needs is, of find a job and find a recruiter matchcourse, part of the job seeker’s process.  Having good information to help you find the right one, makes your process simpler.  All companies want to promote themselves positively to potential employees.  Finding the company that offers the environment, opportunities and direction that will work best for your career goals, is becoming easier with the information that can be gathered through site reviews.

Good luck to all of you and this website is here to help you find the information you need to find the job you want, quicker.  Be sure to let us know how we can help.


Debbie Foster

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Debbie Foster

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