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My Recruiting

This Site Is Designed To Be A  

Co-operative Group of Networking  Recruiters & Hiring Groups that together want to

Help  People Get Back To Work.

For  Independent Recruiting Companies, Applicants 

and Company HR Representatives,

For The Small Independent Recruiting Company,

Branding Your Company is a key element in your successful recruiting service.


The Money Is In The List!

You can have a sign-up email form on your page to create the list of people that what to know what jobs you have open, tips and tricks from you, and any other information that you feel you personally can provide to your followers.

MRW promotes the sharing of open job opportunities and candidates-

in order to reach those individuals that are looking for them.

My Recruiting Website is designed to give new opportunities for job seekers to connect with the

businesses that can make a difference in their Job Situations.

If you are interested in how your business or your organization can benefit from this website-

Please Contact Me!

No Matter What Technology We Use-

Hiring and Working Together Is Still A Human-to-Human Experience.

Debbie Foster

My Recruiting membership of professional, talented, independent recruiters and staffing agencies can add value by working together with busy company HR personnel, through offering their own unique way of providing quality candidates for open positions. 

Our Membership Website is based on 3 Levels.

We do not require or control any part of a member fee from client companies.

You create your own fee schedules, “special offers”, candidate referral structure, and choose what type of video you want to show.  I suggest you do an introductory video.  Your banner is designed from your company logo or website and can be placed on your own website, offering a link back to your page on, Facebook, Linkedin or other social media site.

You Can Read Details Of The Tools Used For This Website Here:

My Recruiting Website was built in 2014 with the following tools:

Optimize Press WordPress Theme – Includes All Sales Pages and Lead Generation Pages

Wishlist Membership WordPress Plugin  – 3 Levels For Monthly Membership Income

– Designed For Recruiting Organizations (Independent and Company Recruiters)

Web Dimensions Software Curation Tools, Lead Generation Video Tools, and now offers Pre-recorded  Webinar Promotion Tools.

Laughing Bird Software – Banner Designs and Other Graphic Designs, including business cards, header creation tools and more graphic design software.

Yoast SEO – WordPress Plugin

Fully Search Engine Optimized for the following keywords:

  • Find A Job  (location and job skills)
  • Find A Recruiter  (location and job skills)
  • Independent Recruiting Agencies
  • Independent Staffing Agencies

Member Services Include:

Recruiter Member Page can include Company Information/Open Job Information/Lead Generation Videos/Available Applicant Sharing,  along with fee information (if preferred by the agency). An option check box can be included for staffing services or companies willing to work together with independent agencies on job openings, as well as, independent recruiter options for sharing job openings.

More Options are available, including:  

  • Employment & Job Search Webinars (this can be used for Affiliate Marketing),
  • Calendar of Events and/or Job Fairs, Job Search Training/Recruiter Training,
  • and other methods of advertising for recruiter needs.
  • Email Addresses Available:  Your Name or Company

Please contact me if you are interested in partnering or purchasing this website.

I would love to give you a tour of what this website can do to increase

job seekers and those with open positions networking potential. 

We have great new tools to help us connect with the individuals that  are looking for their next stop on their career path.

Learning to use them to work together for the Win-Win-Win is the common goal.

Debbie Foster


Recruiters……………How Would You Use A Video For Your Business?

You could advertise your company, your jobs or introduce yourself!

Using Videos To Promote Your Business Is

The Speedy Way To Be Seen By Search Engines 

Just Ask Me – Video Advertising Works!

Thanks for reading.

Best of Luck Always!

d. foster

“There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.”
— J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter, #1))

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Debbie Foster

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