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An Elevator Pitch is described in WikiLinks.org as:
“The name—”elevator pitch”—reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes. “

( I have heard sixty seconds at the most, preferably.)

Experienced recruiters are use to working with resumes. They are accustomed to where to look for the information they need, and have built their careers on working with candidate’s resumes.

I just read an interesting article by Omer Molad regarding Resumes and the value of skillset testing in the hiring process. There is no doubt, in my mind, that resumes are not viable in this culture today. (at least not in the current configuration).

We are changing as a culture. There is a faster pace to life. Automation is changing our lives, which means changing our work, our patterns, and our habits, including our everyday actions, such as finding job opportuities. Because of new or different needs in our world, there are new and different jobs. The connections are different today and we, as recruiting agents, have a much better opportunity to gain insight with online interviews, webinar presentations and skillset testing. Today we have analytics and statistics to prove value of ourselves for various positions, no matter how we acquired the education, talent or skill.

The culture that the resume was built upon was a very different time, than the way many people are beginning to understand their “work lives” today. People are beginning to consider new ideas as possibilities. Creativeness, Ingenuity, and Passion for what they do is becoming more of a thought to consider than just “The JOB” for the rest of their lives. (These are action words.)

recruiting today

Why It’s Time To Ditch The Resume”

Omer Molad, Co-Founder and CEO of Vervoe, explains the value of Skillset Testing prior to your next hire.

Mr Molad’s article has hit on something that I have thought about alot over the past 10 years. Resumes have become “too predictable” for recruiters and for the applicants.

What it takes to get the interview today is not always based on truth, but a knowledge of what to say to get your “foot in the door”. It is similar to the Salesman’s “Elevator Pitch”, but in written form.

However, as any successful recruiter can tell you, it takes a quick elevator pitch sometimes to get even one of the best candidate’s seen, if the resume does not reflect some of the traits that truly matter.

It is absolutely true, that the more guesswork we can take out of the unknown’s in a hire, the better the possibility of the placement being a great fit.

Performance Data is a great thing to add to the Recruiter’s Toolbox.

Are Resumes Outdated?

Your skillset and upfront knowledge of what you can do and your desire to “get a job done right” is an excellent direction for interviewing & job placement to be taken today.

I have wondered how recruiting would change when AI’s became the initial scanner for company recruiters. They have been the initial contact now for several years.

The truth is, the recruiter and the AI are both looking for words on paper or in any communication with a potential employee.

Many of us, as a job trainer/recruiter have personally handed out “Power Words” to job seekers writing their resumes; and we also told them to be sure to use them when writing that “GREAT RESUME” .

“Always Include these words…..”

“Keyword (computer programming), word or identifier that has a particular meaning to the programming language”

Today The AI Helpers are looking for keywords, just as some recruiters were looking for power words in the past.

Without those keywords, your chances of being seen on the internet are ridiculously smaller than if you, wisely, use them when writing your resume.

Mr. Molad is adding new words to our searches. He offers us “action” words, the words that show performance, ability and drive. A Skillset is about the ability to “get something done”

Most individuals probably have skillsets that they have never used or tried to use. We could possibly be unaware of some of our skillsets for our entire lives.

Action is a word that opens new doors for new actions to surface or come in. Knowledge of what one has to offer brings confidence.

One of my questions has been:

“How do we keep the Human in Human Resources”.

I believe Mr. Molad’s Skill Testing shows us how we can do just that.

With Skill Testing before a hire. We know more about what to expect from our new employee. We have better predictions about how motivated, skilled and dedicated to what he or she can blend into and add to our business.

Check out Mr. Molad’s website today.

Try out the FREE TRIAl.

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As a third party recruiter, I find this method of hiring very attractive. When you are presenting your candidate, you can add the evidence of how the candidate behaves when put to the tasks required. What a great enhancement to any Human Resource Department or Recruiting Service.

Quote From Mr. Molad’s article:

“If you’re still using résumés to decide who to interview, you’re hurting your chances of hiring the best people for your company. That’s why it’s time to ditch the résumé and start focusing on what people can actually do, not what they claim they can do.”

Omer Molad

Personally, I really find it interesting that the article brings up attitude. Attitude is such a big part of job performance, especially to future growth within an organization. Skill testing, working with individuals on tasks, and just getting more acquainted with your job applicant adds to creating a successful placement for any company.

Elevator Pitch or Resume

I believe that resumes are totally outdated and needs to be revisited or discarded entirely, just as Mr. Molad suggest.

The Elevator Pitch is designed as the initial connection. What a great addition to your Elevator Pitch Presentation – Performance Results For Critical Tasks. Vervoe is a confidence builder for the business, the candidate and the recruiter.

Employment encompasses the whole person. Talents and Skills are part of the Employee’s package. There is more to a new hire than just a body in that job spot. Knowing those extra talents and skills of your new employee, offers new ways to work together. It is important that we keep that in mind, as we move forward more and more into this AI world.

I still see there must always be an initial introduction between The Recruiter and The Job Seeker. So far, the written word seems to be the best mode of initial connection.

Video introductions are becoming popular and I am sure we will see more of those as we progress. We may be seeing the “Elevator Pitch Resume” script replacing the “old resume” as time moves forward. SkillTest & Performance Testing Information would be a valuable asset to this new candidate’s introduction.

This website is here to help enhance the job seeker – recruiter connection. I hope you enjoyed this information and will check out Vervoe.com.

Thanks for reading.

D.Foster – Wishing you the best.

Performance Testing

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