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Finding New Directions For Our Careers

Discovering our Purpose for being alive at this moment in time

Having knowledge about Our Purpose, gives our everyday life more meaning.

Ikigai - find your career possibilities
Ikigai – Find the Possibilities For Your New Job
awareness - consciousness
Your Discernment
Your Consciousness Matters

So many times we listen to others and we should listen to our hearts.

Today we are facing many changes. Careers, jobs, and how we spend our time here in this world requires serious thought. Leaving the answers to others, to make our decisions for us is something that some people automatically do. When we were young, our parents were who we depended upon, or our teachers/mentors and those we thought knew more than we did about life.

Experience is the best teacher. Once we burn our hands on a hot stove, most of us won’t do it again. :). Learning from those that have had more experience is an important factor in growing up to making our own decisions.

Our career and job decisions are those types of decisions that need to be considered by the person you are. There is no one outside of you that knows you better, than the one inside. It is important for us to look inside and recognize the important factors about “who we really are”, “what is our passion”, “what we really enjoy”; And, especially, “how can all that I am, be helpful in today’s world?”

career path for job seekers
Career Builder Success This Way. (making a new one)…:)

In Other Words: Finding Your Purpose In Life Is Up To Your Discernment

time clock says now
Ikigai career change

career plan 2 - and IKIgai

In 2010 – I discovered more about myself – through my personal: Career Plan 2. Using a bulletin board and 3×5 cards, I spent time finding out more about who I really am.

In 2020, I learned about Ikigai –

The Japanese people have a system of life in Okinawa that creates long life. By simply living through the knowledge of knowing why they are alive and what their purpose in life truly is, their lives prosper in many ways.

People live longer, happy, healthier lives. They are excited to get up in the mornings, because they wake up knowing what their reason for living is all about. It is a way of life that considers our hearts and what makes us happy. The residents of Okinawa understand their gifts, passions and talents. They also realize the value they offer to their surroundings.

find your purpose

Chris Do from “” offers a workshop to help give direction to all of us regarding IKIGAI. Chris Do is very inspirational and energetic about helping others find their Purpose In Life.

Be sure to watch Chris’s workshop. It is, very much, worthwhile to work with the ideas and personal questions, especially for those that are in a time of job or career decisions.

Just click the link below to watch:

Chris Do’s IKIGAI Workshop Video.

(This is an affiliate link and I am having problems with it posting as a video.)

Thank you for reading/watching.

I hope you found it helpful.

Working together in a time of change offers us more possibilities for positive changes. Changes are happening. Making the changes in our own lives into more positive outcomes, can create change for others.

Find your IKIGAI –

We all have a Purpose in Life – Find Yours and Change your life We are all part of bringing positive changes to our world.


Debbie Foster -D Foster and Friends.

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