Civil & Environmental Consultants Shows Us How Helping The Local Area, Really Counts

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I come from a big city and am appreciative of when I see the local businesses pitching in to help the communities.

Civil & Environmental Consultants is one of those businesses that takes the responsibility of being part of the community in many ways, in many towns and cities.

I found this article about employees working together to help with a garbage problem around a local area in Pennsylvania. Some of the employees of Civil & Environmental Consultants each gave 3 hours to help with the project and did a fantastic job.

environmental consultants

When I read the article, I thought about where I live and how much illegal trash is left all over our area, especially after a beautiful week-end. We live in a forested area too. This is a great idea for businesses to consider when helping the local area. There is an emphasis on our global family today, but our cities and towns are also in need of some help from local residents. Larger businesses helping the local area, can be such a blessing to the city or town they serve, while also making more friends and business connections for the employees.

Here is a short blurb from the article. After spending some time on the Civil & Environmental Consultants website, I found many stories of the company helping with local solutions, and providing valuable information available for local area’s well being. I found very good information about some of the Government Regulations happening with our water and environmental systems on the website.

From The Following Article: dumpbusters remove trash

“DumpBusters is a dumpsite remediation program in which volunteers work in three-hour shifts to clean up illegal dumpsites four days a week year-round. The program works on vacant and city-owned properties in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, with the goal of removing all evidence of illegal dumping in order to prevent future dumping.”

green environment

It is Nice To See Businesses that are helping communities with the solutions they need for survival. We have been experiencing many changes lately, and it is good to know there are companies like Civil & Environmental Consultants there to help us with answers.

I hope you will visit their webpage and look at their job openings. Companies with information and time to spend assisting their communities are the companies we should be supporting.

I have a job posted For:

Mining Project Manager in Phoenix, Arizona.

Be sure to check it out and the link to find all job postings currently available with Civil & Environmental Consultants.

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Debbie Foster

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