DS Smith – Circular Economy In Action

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DS Smith – Making A Circular Economy Real

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DS Smith demonstrates a Circular Economy in Action. From the following article in Businesswire.com, we find that DS Smith is making progress in their goals of creating a Circular Economy.

“As we continue to tackle the challenges facing our communities and the environment, achieving a number of our key targets, including forest management, community engagement and designing for a circular economy, shows great progress,” said Keith Ledbetter, managing director of DS Smith North America Packaging and Paper. “By placing sustainability at the heart of all we do, we will continue to reduce our impact on the environment while creating innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”

The 2021 Sustainability Report is the company’s first progress update since launching its “Now and Next” sustainability strategy in September of last year. The report also showed that DS Smith:

  • Reduced carbon emissions by 23% per ton of production compared to 2015 and by 4% per ton of production compared to last year – supporting the company’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.
  • Installed 36,672 LED lamps at 96 sites around the world, saving more than 15,400 tons of CO2 a year – an additional nine sites are under review which could increase the number of LED lamps to around 40,000.
  • Launched 57 biodiversity projects in local communities over the past year – a further 47 biodiversity projects are being considered, from wildflower meadows and community gardens to bug hotels and ponds, putting it on track to reach 100 projects across Europe and North America by 2025.
  • Achieved an ‘AA’ MSCI score, compared to ‘A’ last year as measured by third party ESG ratings agencies – the highest grade achieved by any industry peers. Additionally secured an ‘A-‘ in Circulytics, the most comprehensive circular economy performance measurement tool, as developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, compared to ‘B+’ last year.

Read the whole article here: Businesswire.com

I was so impressed to learn how this business is creating a more sustainable world for all of us, I went to their website. The history of DS Smith is interesting and their dedication to sustainable packaging solutions is admirable in our efforts for a more sustainable planet for us all.

Finding Sustainable Packaging Materials & Recycling


“DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services worldwide. Over the past 80 years our organisation has grown dramatically, as have our services and areas of expertise.
Our story can be traced back to the box-making business started by the Smith Family in East London in the 1940s. During the next half a century we grew our reputation for quality engineering and a dedication to our customers. As we grew our scale, we grew our capabilities – adding papermaking and recycling so we could view our customers’ challenges in the whole and not just one part. In recent times, our business has experienced rapid growth, as well as acquiring businesses across Europe and in North America. This growth saw us become one of the largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Our vision “To be the leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions” serves us well. We are proud of the progress we have made and the growth we have achieved in our chosen markets.

Today, we operate in more than 30 different countries, proudly employing over 30,000 people. It’s thanks to the skills and knowledge of our employees that we are able to provide our customers with strategic support across their entire packaging Supply Cycle.”

The Company Has Concentrated on Early Careers since 2010

Looking For Graduates to Join Their September, Programs Now!

Opportunities For The Future

Careers in Sustainability are being seen as important in many different industries. Recycling and packaging certainly is an important part of sustainability. Considering a career in any industry today, requires a knowledge of sustainability, as our environment is an important factor in the world’s survival.

A circular economy is a goal to strive for and the attainment of finding new ways of conducting business, especially producing goods is a career direction that will continue as time goes by. A business offering positions that help our planet survive is a powerful employer and DS Smith is proving they are such a company.

I hope you will consider DS Smith as a Career Move and will look into their Apprenticeships and Internship programs.

Be sure to check their Career Page For Available U.S. and

International Positions Here: DSSmith.com – Careers

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