Changes in Thoughts to Create Sustainability of our Planet Is A Good Thing

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How Can Changes in Thoughts Create Sustainability of our Planet????

I just saw this article from The LA Times:

California Story 2021-10-03 Photos Major Oil Spill

Closes Orange County Beaches

They are just showing photos from the scene at this point.

2021 and we still see catastrophic headlines, like these, affecting our planet’s inhabitants; and desire for happy, healthy, long lives now and for future generations. Finding Answers to creating a Sustainable way of extracting oil, gas, coal, minerals, and products that we depend upon for our lives, should have been a priority long before this moment. Sustainability is a word that does need to be spoken about; and acted upon, with conscious effort. We should have learned from so many previous similar catastrophes

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Headlines like these are especially disturbing. Shouldn’t we be much, much further along with correcting major issues especially with our oil production and energy companies? We have discovered so many new gadgets and toys to play with, why don’t we see more creativity happening to solve these problems. Where are those creative, inspirational types of individuals that our country was built by?

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We are talking about very serious issues that humanity has been dealing with for a long, long time. Linear thinking is certainly part of the problem and a more circular, cradle-to-cradle approach is a sustainable approach. My heart breaks when I see that this type of tragedy is still happening in my lifetime. I remember seeing and recognizing the problem as a very small child. (I think I could have been called “Greta T”…. back then.).

Growing up around the Gulf Coast of the United States, we were affected by many oil spills. The ocean creatures live with this horridness daily. Even the birds and land creatures suffer greatly. The food that is prepared from the area is contaminated. The destruction of so many and so much is affected. I remember a woman telling me about cleaning the birds after an oil spill with Dawn dishwashing soap and how traumatized they were.

Businesses that are still making huge profits and not creating drastic changes toward eliminating the damage they have been creating, do need to be punished, but haven’t been. Some have even been caught not telling the truth about the damage they have caused and are still in business.

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Have you ever heard the statement,

“It’s just business” or “That was just to be expected”?

This is when we recognize that changes in thoughts can help move us to more sustainability for our future.

As the world begins to change and all life forms become more appreciated than the dollar bill, we may begin to see a change in the attitude of “It’s just business” or the dismissive answer of “Well, that was just to be expected.”

There does seem to be a revived vigor about finding answers to the problems we are creating. I like to believe this is a time of people Awakening to the fact that it is up to us to take control of how we conduct business. Business can be done intelligently, honestly, and truthfully. Solutions can be found when businesses and experts work together because of the thought, “We do not want to create harm to the planet, ourselves and our future generations.” When businesses become only interested in greed and power, they lose the thoughts about sustainability and the future of anything, outside of themselves. We have seen that type of attitude unfold in many directions over the years.

Sustainability is a good thing for our planet and ourselves. It is good to know that there is a movement toward recognizing this fact. Doing business with groups and organizations that understand this can improve our daily journey of change.

My Recruiting Website supports those businesses with ideas, planning and moving forward to make our world a more sustainable planet. As we move forward from here, we may have new energy systems that don’t produce so much harm to the environment. However, until we do have new systems in place, creating the least destructive ways to move to the next energy source is something that all businesses should be aware of and strive to maintain the least destruction.

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing.

sustainability  finding ways of working with the energy sources we currently have without anymore destruction sustainable products are available and the more we work with them the better our existence on this planet will be
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You can see an update and some interesting information here: Youtube News

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