Ace Your Next Video Interview!

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Ace Your Next Video Interview!

2021 has seen the rise of Online Interviews.

Your next interview, could well be a video interview.
Our world is showing rapid changes in how we go about our everyday lives.

It is nice to see a real person’s smile in 2021.

We get to see those smiles much more often through our computer these days.


 Interviews can be very stressful just in general.  A personal interaction is what we are familiar with experiencing.

Online interviews  add new variables into the situation, and it is very advisable to prepare for possible surprising circumstances.

The more we prepare, the better we feel when the interview begins.

Your smile is important in that first interaction, so prepare for your meeting in advance.

Preparation ahead of time gives you a feeling of being ready for the online interview; and will increase your confidence in the creation of the outcome you seek.

Finding a job in 2021 and possibly for a while in the future,

  could land you in a video interview situation.  

The more you know, the more you can prepare.

Learning from experts, can save you time in that learning process.
Luckily, we can find the information we need online these days.

The internet has given us many wonderful resources for finding the information we need.

Just, always use your own discernment about what you hear or see.


Thank you for reading and sharing with others.

D.Foster and Friends

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Debbie Foster

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