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My Recruiting Website    My Recruiting Website.com is designed to be a membership site for recruiters – Working together connecting jobs is very helpful, especially  today.  

I wanted to show you some MRW Member current jobs available, and hope to be adding more from other recruiters as we begin to build a network.  Watch for our growth. 

The Plan is to help Job Seekers find the recruiter that is looking for them.   Our unique approach to branding our member recruiters, gives a quick, easy solution to the job seeker  to find the right recruiter job connection.  

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created for you by: Debbie Foster  

The Goal is to Keep The Human Connection In

The Recruiting Process

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Making Connections 

After listening to the conversation with the larger business HR and Talent Acquisition people, it becomes very clear that the “human aspect” is being eliminated through many aspects of this Human Resource Function.

Check Out -Recruiting, Remote work community crisis change   (Blog with video conversation)

So far, we do still have human beings looking for jobs, although their AI competition may be hiding in the shadows.   As was brought out, so clearly, in the conversation, the larger the corporation, the less human connections become part of the hiring process.   And, of course, with remote interviewing and business associations, technology is proving more and more important than the human factor.  

The discussions of AI taking over the workplace has been going on for years.  There hasrobot jobs been a fear of this since the 1920’s and 1930’s, so far as I have read.  We are watching this unfold now.  

Humans have imagination and creativity.  They also have the connection that we find with other human beings when we work together on a project.  There is truth and empathy, and intuition that people experience in sharing projects together.  Human Resources is a people-driven business, which cannot lose it’s emphasis through this technology era. 

Treating people  with respect is one way that we can keep the Human in the Human Resource process.  

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As the recruiting process changes and becomes more technology oriented, keeping the “human connection” alive between the job candidates and the recruiters or individuals looking for these candidates is important.  Although we are all involved with social media, our one-on-one connection is still the key to success in filling job openings.


Marketing For Recruiting

The Recruiting Business

According to marketers today, Branding your company is key to internet successBranding your company by visibility and unique approaches, including videos,  makes your company stand out among the others.  Most of us have key_successwebsites, social media presence, job board advertising and the usual suspects to get the word out to those that are looking for us.

Adding the human aspect of your recruiting business is very important and it is up to you to find innovative approaches to finding the right candidates.  We want to help with that!

Giving helpful information, listening and responding to the job candidates and hiring authorities gives you the added potential of the job candidate promoting your business services or at least saying nice things on social media sites, like Facebook or Linkedin about you.

My recruiting website.com adds that level of interaction for you and your business.  Your unique business page, which has SEO functionality to help you be seen by the searching public, gives you the opportunity to create a special bond with your visitors that enhances their experience with you and your company.

As a membership site, we can offer our members the opportunity to  interact with their internet presence in a new way. 

We can add videos, stories, ebook giveaways, announcements, job openings, and, of course, testimonials from customers, clients or candidates.   Let’s get creative!

We are truly a community of recruiters dedicated to work to bring opportunities for our members  new options for connecting with needed candidates and future customers.

To find out more about how we can help you with your company websites,  headers, business cards, videos and other branding ideas, be sure to contact us.

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You can also contact us for more information.

Debbie Foster – DFF Job Referrals

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