2014-Find A Job Tips

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2014 – Find A Job Tips


In 2014, we are finding that the Find a Job Tips” that are being expressed 2014 find a job tipsby recruiters and others in the hiring industry are changing.  It is important for all job seekers to understand, that the job market has become so competitive for the jobs that are open, that it may be necessary to make some changes to old tips that you may have used in the past.

Just as the way recruiters and HR personnel find new employees is evolving, so too, is the attitude toward obtaining and maintaining good employees.  After 2009, we saw job descriptions become so “specific” that finding our “Cinderella Candidate” became more difficult.  When a job description “MUSTS” list begins to read like a child’s Santa Claus list, it becomes more and more important for the job seeker to understand the requirements and ensure that all his information provided to the prospective employer gives specific information about “how and where” these requirements have been used.

Keywords are extremely important in any resume or cover letter you present today.  Not only are human eyes looking to find the “right experience”, but many times “computers” are the first contact a job applicant has with the potential job opening.

The following article from Allison Doyle at about.com, gives good information for the job seeker.  Being prepared for what a job search might involve is very helpful for anyone looking for a job.  Ms. Doyle has done a very good job of giving job seekers solid information that will help eliminate some of the mistakes that a job seeker might make today.  Make every contact with a future employer count.

Top 25 Job Search Tips for 2014

For 2014, it’s all about customization and promoting your candidacy for a job. It’s taking an extra step and spending some extra time to ensure your job application materials get noticed – and that they (and you) make the best possible impression on the hiring manager.



find a recruiter finda jobAlthough the competition for many jobs is getting more difficult, we can also see that your own personal uniqueness is becoming more important than ever in the job process.  Becoming more proactive is important to a successful job search today.  Researching companies that match your job needs is the first step.  Once you locate companies with job opportunities that match your specific background, move forward.  Find out who to contact and start making connections.  When it comes to finding a job today, it is still all about making the “right connection“.

Writing a cover letter for each application is a great way to let a company know just how interested you are about their organization.  Recently, I read a cover letter from an individual that inspired me to want to call him, even before I had an opportunity to review the resume.  By understanding what is required and explaining how and why you are a great fit for a position, your chances for getting a call for an interview increase.

Our world is changing for job seekers and for the recruiters that need them.   Make sure to stay current with the new trends in order to sell yourself in the best way possible.  The better prepared you are for your job search, the faster, less stressful and more successful your job search should be in 2014.

Thanks for reading.

Best of Luck Always


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